Saudi Arabia To Host A Lavish October Fashion Week In Riyadh With Local Brands On Display

Saudi Fashion
by Deeplata Garde

Saudi’s inclinations towards Western affairs are increasing as per the people. But we are grasping only the good part here. Saudi Fashion Commission has announced the launch of Fashion Week in October. We are getting all fancy clothes out to wear to the venue.  You gotta drape your best for the three-day fashion event that will take place in the capital city, Riyadh.

Fashion Commission Of Saudi Announce Fashion Week In October


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Keep your schedule free for the second week of October! Make a note of the first Saudi Fashion Week on your calendars. The first event will be hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission and will take place from October 20 through October 23.

The three-day garment blitz is the inaugural event of its kind in the Kingdom. The show is set to feature collections made by a broad group of designers from the Saudi 100 brand programme of the Fashion Commission to highlight their creative work on a bigger stage around the world.

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Talented Participants Belong To Different Backgrounds


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Age, educational background, and gender of the participating designers vary (85% are female designers). Their specialities are equally diverse, and there will be ten distinct design categories represented at the event, ranging from ready-to-wear to footwear.

The best creative minds in the Kingdom will have the opportunity to network with influential members of the fashion industry, from financiers to environmentalists, by taking part in the first Fashion Week.

The designers attending the event have countless chances to advance, not just globally. In comparison to other sectors of similar size and importance around the world, Saudi Arabia’s fashion industry will soon expand at among the most competitive rates.

A fashion season was held in Saudi Arabia in April 2018, but it was a privately organised event with shows only open to female audiences. The upcoming October season, however, is anticipated to be a significantly more opulent affair given that it is supported by the official Saudi Fashion Commission.

To develop the Kingdom’s fashion sector via culture, enhancing Saudi heritage and identity, while addressing global needs and having an impact on the economy.

Cover Image Courtesy: Fashion Commission