Say Hello To DEWAVerse, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Platform In Metaverse

by Ishita Agarwal
Say Hello To DEWAVerse, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Platform In Metaverse

Good news for all the residents of Dubai! Now, you can avail yourself of government services on the Metaverse. Yes, you read that right. But how? The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has put its DEWAVerse platform on the Metaverse. It became the first local government agency to put its services on the Metaverse so that customers, employees, and other people can use them. 

DEWAVerse Technology Will Help To Develop Future Projects 

DEWA invests in Metaverse technology to execute and expand its present and future initiatives, contributing to the satisfaction of its stakeholders, the expansion of its company, the improvement of its efficiency and output, and the reduction of its expenses.

This was disclosed at DEWA’s Digital Transformation Steering Committee Meeting, when McKinsey also attended and delivered the Digital Quotient Assessment 2022 report. Emphasis was given to DEWA’s position as the worldwide digital leader in utilities. Adopting Google Glasses in 2014 was a pivotal point in DEWA’s history. Furthermore, the government developed the software to meet DEWA’s requirements for monitoring station faults. 

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Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology In Dubai 

They evaluated seven projects using Metaverse technology during the conference. These include the Customer Service Centre, the first of its type in the region. The project allows consumers to engage with Customer Care Center personnel in the virtual world to get answers to questions and execute transactions. DEWA Workplace allows users to roam across DEWA premises and have virtual meetings.

Using virtual world innovation technologies, DEWA Future Lab allows users to have brainstorming sessions, debate difficulties, and build the best solutions. The First Aid and Fire Safety course briefly introduces first aid and fire safety techniques. Moreover, MetaDrone collects data about solar panels, fixes them, and generates reports using virtual reality. DEWA Onboarding enables new workers to learn digitally about DEWA’s vision and objectives.  

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So, we are excited to witness this new world of DEWAVerse which will help us to avail the services of the government. Let us know your thoughts on this new revolution. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Dubai Media Office