Say Hello To Mediterranean Bae That Has Opened At Reno Public Market

by Deeplata Garde
Say Hello To Mediterranean Bae That Has Opened At Reno Public Market

Mediterranean cuisine has been flourishing worldwide. People are considering it a healthy diet as well. Hence its popularity is ever-increasing around the globe. A Turkish chef seized the opportunity of introducing Mediterranean cuisine in Nevada, US recently. Say Hello to Mediterranean Bae in Reno Public Market.

Mediterranean Bae Has Arrived At Reno Public Market

Mediterranean Bae
Pic Creds:Mediterranean Bae

Reno Public Market, a captivating reinvention of the iconic Shoppers Square, has embraced its new identity as a thriving nexus of gastronomy, retail, and entertainment. A recent addition to its vibrant array of culinary offerings is the delectable Mediterranean Bae, a food hall vendor that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. This culinary gem, which unfurled its doors in July 2023, presents a tantalizing medley of Mediterranean delights, enriched with a distinct Turkish twist.

Steering this culinary voyage is none other than Chef Can Uzay, a seasoned epicurean hailing from Sivas, Turkey. With over 18 years of professional culinary prowess, Chef Uzay has traversed the globe, leaving behind a trail of culinary excellence. Arriving in Reno in January 2023, his keen eye detected a yearning for Mediterranean flavours within the local palate, propelling him to share his culinary passion with the community.

The absence of genuine Mediterranean cuisine locally prompted the chef to seize the moment and establish his restaurant. A vendor spot became available for Mediterranean Bae a few months later and Chef applied and got the space to spread the cuisine in the US.

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What Do You Get To Eat Here?

Mediterranean Bae
Pic Creds: Mediterranean Bae

The menu at Mediterranean Bae mirrors Chef Uzay’s Turkish heritage and his extensive global culinary journey. Among its offerings, patrons can relish a delightful array of dishes, including gyros, falafels, hummus, kebabs, and baklavas. Everything you eat here is infused with a distinctive Turkish charm. Also, true to its Mediterranean essence, the cuisine is crafted from premium, flavoursome ingredients, extending an irresistible invitation to dine within a chic nautical-themed interior or amid the inviting ambience of the poolside terrace, with its enchanting vista of the Arabian Gulf.

Mediterranean Bae stands as a brilliant star within the constellation of vendors adorning Reno Public Market’s expansive food hall. The arrival adds a vibrant brushstroke to the canvas of culinary creativity existing at Reno Public Market

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