Say Hello To The Robo Taxi! Abu Dhabi Islands Welcome Driverless Taxis for Easy & Safe Commutes

by Deeplata Garde
Say Hello To The Robo Taxi! Abu Dhabi Islands Welcome Driverless Taxis for Easy & Safe Commutes

The future of transportation has reached Abu Dhabi. Now, driverless taxis can be hailed by anyone in Abu Dhabi on these two islands. All you got to have is just an app. Have a safe and easy commute in Abu Dhabi using these robotaxis. Soon, we might see flying taxis on the island.

Abu Dhabi Has RoboTaxis That You Can Book On The App


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Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, is embracing a futuristic stride by introducing complimentary autonomous taxis on two renowned islands: Yas and Saadiyat. This endeavour, an integral facet of the Smart Mobility Project, is dedicated to furnishing intelligent, eco-friendly, and pioneering transportation alternatives for both inhabitants and tourists.

Autonomous taxis, commonly referred to as Robo-taxis, are electric, AI-powered vehicles capable of accommodating up to seven passengers. These innovative vehicles can be summoned using a mobile app named TXAI. Through this app, users can input their current location, intended destination, and desired pick-up time. The application further provides users with information on parking possibilities and electric charging stations available on both islands.

The Robo-taxis operate across nine strategic locations on Yas Island, including prominent spots like the W Hotel, Yas Water World, Yas Marina Circuit, and Ferrari World. On Saadiyat Island, they cover four lines: Saadiyat 01, Saadiyat 02, Yas 01, and Yas 022. These services are operational from 8 am to 8 pm daily.

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Not Just Driverless Taxi, This App Also Runs Autonomous Minibus


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Furthermore, complementing the Robo-taxis, the Smart Mobility Project introduces alternative transportation modes such as the Robo Minibus, a compact version of the Robo-taxi with a capacity of up to six passengers. Additionally, the Automated Rapid Transit (ART) system is available—a high-capacity bus capable of accommodating up to 240 passengers. All these vehicles share the qualities of being autonomous, environmentally friendly, and offered at no cost during the trial operation phase.

Driverless Taxi
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Driverless taxis will offer many benefits such as reducing traffic congestion, improving road safety, saving fuel costs and enhancing customer experience. They are a way to support the UAE’s vision of becoming a global hub.

The Smart Mobility Project represents a partnership involving the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), and Bayanat—a specialized entity focusing on geospatial intelligence. This initiative leverages Abu Dhabi’s pioneering position in shaping eco-conscious lifestyle solutions and embracing forefront technologies.

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