Scottish Island With 5-Bedroom Home, Lighthouse & Helipad Put On Sale

by Sanjana Shenoy

Travel enthusiasts, you can purchase a private Scottish island with its own lighthouse, helipad and 5-bedroom home. Pladda island has gone on sale for £350,000 (₹2.84 crores) listed by Knight Frank. Nestled less than a mile from the Isle of Arran, Pladda Island is spread over 28 acres of land. Read on to know more about the gorgeous island.

Pladda Island Has Lighthouse, 5-Bedroom Home & More

Pladda Island has a lighthouse that was first installed in 1790. Today, the lighthouse is fully automated and monitored by the Northern Lighthouse Boards Headquarters. It’s home to a 5-bedroom house that comes with two living rooms, a kitchen, a freezer room and a bathroom. But it hasn’t been used in recent years and needs to be upgraded. The house also has a walled garden where fruits and vegetables are grown across 2.5 acres. The only way to visit the island is via a chopper or a boat. So that explains the existence of a helipad.

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Pladda Island

Picture Credits: Knight Frank/ Insider

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The Island Is Visited By Migratory Birds, Dolphins & More

But the beauty of Pladda Island exists in its visitors. Over 100 migratory sea birds like shags, gull species, turnstones and Arctic turns visit the island. Apart from being a stop-over point for migratory birds, Pladda Island is also surrounded by dolphin pods, where you can spot dolphins, otters, seals and sharks. Adventure junkies can go fishing, rock climbing and mountain biking on the island.

Pladda Island

Picture Credits: Knight Frank/ Insider

Well, it’s up for sale, so let nothing stop you from investing in an entire private island for your loved ones.