Septicemia Kills 4 Cheetahs Brought To India From Africa; Here’s All You Need To Know

Some cheetahs have died in India due to the severe condition of septicemia.

by Shreya Ghosh
Septicemia Kills 4 Cheetahs Brought To India From Africa; Here’s All You Need To Know

We just came across the shocking news of some cheetahs passing away. Bhupender Yadav, the Union Environment Minister, stated about the death of Namibian cheetah Shaurya to the Rajya Sabha. This cheetah brought to India from Namibia lost his life for suffering from septicemia. Unfortunately, this took the total number of cheetahs’ deaths because of this disease to 4. Some other big cats also passed away recently.

Septicemia Is A Life-Threatening Condition For These Wild Animals

Cheetahs Brought To India
Picture credit- Canva

It was on January 16 when this Namibian cheetah took his last breath at the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Shaurya’s death increased everyone’s concern as he was the 10th big cat to die after many African big cats were brought to India back in the year 2022, according to a report by the Indian Express. The fear and tension do not end here.

Tbilisi, a female cheetah from Namibia, and Tejas and Sooraj, two male cheetahs brought to India from South Africa, passed away back in 2023 and their reason for death is the same as Shaurya. All of them faced septicemia and lost their lives. A total of 20 adult big cats were brought from Namibia and South Africa. Among them, 7 have died, informed Bhupender Yadav to the Upper House. Also, 3 cubs out of 11 lost their lives. These cubs were really young. In fact, 7 of these cubs took birth only in the previous month.

In the annual report on Project Cheetah of 2023, the Environment Ministry stated wounds affected under the big cats’ winter coats on their back and neck areas are the reasons behind the disease that took away their lives. These severe wounds worsened after maggots infested those cuts. Slowly, the condition of septicemia affected them. When it comes to Namibian cheetah Shaurya’s death, the exact reason leading to septicemia is still unsure.

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Cheetahs Will be Reintroduced To India

Cheetahs Brought To India
Picture credit- Canva

The Union Environment Minister stated to the Upper House about the proposal of bringing more big cats. The proposal is to reintroduce at least 12 to 14 cheetahs from Namibia and South Africa or even other nations in Africa in the upcoming 5 years according to the availability and also the status of the present cheetahs. Bhupender Yadav also added how the step to welcome big cats has started in Madhya Pradesh’s Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Have you seen any cheetahs in the wilderness before?

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