Sharjah To Host Its First Vintage Car Festival In January 2024

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah To Host Its First Vintage Car Festival In January 2024

Are you a vintage car enthusiast who gets an adrenaline rush when a car passes by? Sharjah, the UAE’s cultural epicentre, is preparing to host the inaugural Sharjah Old Car Festival. It’s an exclusive affair tailored for vintage car aficionados and collectors. Scheduled to run in January 2024, this event is orchestrated by the Sharjah Old Cars Club.

Sharjah Old Car Festival 2024

You can anticipate a turnout exceeding 10,000 visitors, including vintage car owners, enthusiasts, collectors, experts and media representatives. The SOCC envisions an event that not only amplifies appreciation for vintage cars but also forges camaraderie and collaboration among vintage car enthusiasts from diverse nationalities and backgrounds.

The board meeting had deliberations encompassing the strategic plan’s core objectives. An array of developmental ventures tailored for the club’s progress. Among these initiatives was the expansion of the technical workshop, streamlining maintenance procedures, amplifying avenues for investment, and conducting a comprehensive retrospective of accomplishments over the recent timeframe.

Resonating with unanimous agreement, the Board accorded endorsement to the slated itinerary of forthcoming local engagements. These encompassed active involvement in imminent events of regional significance, notably the prestigious Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, alongside the dynamic showcase of vehicular splendour – the Auto Moto Show.

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Love Of Vintage Cars In Sharjah

The classic car museum in Sharjah is a refined example of the Emirate’s love for cars. For those residing in the UAE, a captivating journey into automotive history awaits at both the Sharjah Classic Car Museum and the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi. These two iconic destinations offer enthusiasts a chance to feast their eyes on a stunning array of vintage automobiles, each with a story to tell.

Beyond the museum walls, a thriving online community of petrolheads has emerged, uniting like-minded aficionados in their shared passion for classic cars. These regional groups serve as virtual garages where enthusiasts from all walks of life converge to exchange stories, expertise, and admiration for automotive masterpieces.

The Sharjah Classic Car Museum shines as a beacon of attraction for both local residents and international visitors. This sprawling establishment boasts the allure of a treasure trove, beckoning classic car connoisseurs and curious onlookers alike. Within its confines, the symphony of mechanical marvels resonates through the ages, capturing the essence of automotive evolution.

It includes Rolls Royce, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Bentley, and more. Each vehicle on display is a testament to the craftsmanship, innovation, and spirit of its era. So, visit these museums to marvel at the timeless beauty of classic cars.

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