Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Announces Plan For Six New Family- Friendly Attractions In Hatta

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Announces Plan For Six New Family- Friendly Attractions In Hatta

Dubai is known for all things crazy and new, and now there are two cool additions to this list. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, announced a list of new projects that will attract tourists in the UAE. The new plans are part of the ‘Dubai Summit’ project.

UAE-aites can soon enjoy six new stunning attractions in Hatta. The new project is an initiative to promote the local tourism scene. Visitors can soon go on a scenic cable car ride, get drenched in a natural waterfall, and hike 1,300 metres above sea level. Read on to know what’s in store!

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The Cable Car Will Run From The Hatta Dam To Um Al Nesoor Summit

The cable car will be a new attraction at one of UAE’s favorite weekend spots- Hatta. The 5.4 km cable car will transport tourists from the Hatta Dam area to the top of Um Al Nesoor summit. At 1,300 metres above sea level, it will be the highest natural summit in Dubai.

The project is expected to be a major tourist attraction in the UAE. The cable car route passes over the Hatta Dam Lake and the Upper Dam Lake and through mountains. The route will finally end at the summit of Um Al Nesoor mountain, after three main stops. The departure station will be built above the Hatta Dam and will be linked to the car parking area using advanced means of transportation.

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Hatta To Get A Sustainable Waterfall With Recreational Spaces

In addition, the intermediate stops will also have a medium-sized hotel, a viewing platform providing uninhibited views and other facilities for tourists. Also part of the project are hiking tracks, recreational facilities and other world-class tourism services.

Apart from the cable car, Hatta will also boast a Sustainable Hatta Fall. The dam will soon boast a natural waterfall decked with recreational spaces, cafes and restaurants for guests to enjoy.

Sheikh Mohammed said in a tweet: “The real value of the projects that we launch today is measured by the extent to which they achieve the strategic goals and plans, the extent to which they employ the available materials, and rely on everything new and modern, in addition to their positive impact and the provision of the highest levels of quality of life for members of society.

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The third attraction you can expect in Hatta is a new hiking trails, docked 1,300 metres above sea level. The Al Nasoor peak will soon be a spot that attracts adventure enthusiasts in the region. Besides, Hatta will also boast 200 holiday homes to support domestic tourism.