Sikkim Now Allows You To Legally Adopt A Tree As Your Child Or Sibling

by Shreya Ghosh
Sikkim Now Allows You To Legally Adopt A Tree As Your Child Or Sibling

The beauty and serenity of Sikkim attract travellers throughout the year. But there is now one more reason, rather the most special reason to visit Sikkim. You can now adopt a tree in Sikkim and literally grow your family tree. Sikkim is now allowing people to adopt trees from the forest and form bond with nature. The Sikkim Forest Tree (Amity & Reverence) Rules 2017, issued by the Forests, Environment & Wildlife Management Department is looking into this initiative and anyone can adopt a tree in Sikkim, legally.

You Can Form 3 Kinds Of Bonds With The Trees While Adopting

The Sikkim Forest, Environment & Wildlife Management Department will allow you to bond with your trees in 3 ways. These are some key points to know if you are interested or will ‘adopt a tree’.

  • Firstly, anyone can form a ‘Mith/Mit’ or ‘Mitini’ relationship with the adopted tree. This bond signifies that the tree is your ‘sibling’.
  • Secondly, if someone wants to build a paternal relationship with a tree, then can even do that. You can adopt a tree and form a paternal relationship.
  • Lastly, one can adopt a tree in remembrance of their lost loved ones; ‘Smriti tree’.

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What Is The Procedure To Adopt A Tree?

The entire process is done legally and follows proper inspection and verification.

  • Anyone willing to adopt a tree needs to submit the mandate forms and the required documentation to the forest department.
  • After following the verification procedure, the tree will be registered under the adopter’s name.
  • There might be chances where the tree falls under someone else’s property. In such a case, both the owner of the property and the adopter of the tree will be signing an agreement including compensation.
  • There might be another instance where the tree grows in a public place. In such a case, the government department will look into this matter.
  • Unfortunately, if anything or any damage happens to the adopted tree then it will fall under forest offence.

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