Sikkim Shuts All Doors To Tourists Till October To Remain Coronavirus-Free

by Gizel Menezes
Sikkim Shuts All Doors To Tourists Till October To Remain Coronavirus-Free

Sikkim, the only Indian state untouched by the coronavirus, has now decided to go one step further to prevent the deadly virus from entering its state borders. The Sikkim government has closed all its doors to tourists entering the State until October 2020.

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Sikkim Shuts All Borders For Tourists Entering The State

As a precautionary measure to prevent the entry of the virus into the state, Sikkim has decided to shut all of its borders, suspending tourist activities till October 2020.

Talking to India Today TV, Sikkim Governor, Ganga Prasad, said that the decision was taken, keeping in mind the well-being of the people of the State, which has a population of nearly 7 lakhs.

According to the Governor, one of the main strategies that have helped keep the State virus-free is the fact that the go ahead for a statewide lockdown was given on March 17 itself, even before the Janata Curfew.

Apart from that, students from Sikkim, who were studying in China, were also brought back to the State in January itself, following which all borders were sealed. It is due to these stringent restrictions that the tiny Himalayan State has not reported any case of COVID-19 so far.

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Many Concerns About Minimal Testing In Sikkim

However, many have raised concerns over the minimal testing done in Sikkim. The State has conducted only 81 tests so far, out of which all samples tested negative. While this is definitely good news, the state needs to ramp up its low testing figures.

What is however noticeable is the good work done by the government for the migrant laborers stuck in the Sate. The state government is ensuring proper care of these migrant workers and providing them with food and money for survival. It also promises to put these laborers back to work once the lockdown is lifted.

Throughout this time, Sikkim Chief Minister PS Goley and the Governor have held multiple meetings to discuss issues surrounding the COVID-19, and are also in touch with the Central Government for suggestions and guidelines.

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