Singapore To Restart Quarantine-Free Travel In September For International Tourists

Singapore Digital Passports
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1390

Singapore has reduced the stay-home notice period for new travellers coming from regions and countries with high virus risk, including India from 21 to 14 days. The health ministry notified the same on June 23, 2021. These incoming travellers will have to test themselves daily with self-administered antigen rapid test (ART) kits, along with the existing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, as reported by Channel News Asia. Moreover, Singapore now looks forward to relaxing virus curbs and start permitting quarantine-free travel in September. The South Asian country will have vaccinated 80 per cent of its population by then as it reopens birders after one year.

Singapore Becomes One Of The First Countries To Adopt Vaccine Passports

Singapore will allow visitors who use a digital travel pass containing digital certificates for Covid-19 tests and vaccines; its aviation regulator said on Monday. This makes Singapore one of the first countries to adopt this initiative. The country will accept the International Air Transport Association (IATA) mobile travel pass for pre-departure checks- where travellers can get clearance to enter Singapore by showing a smartphone application containing their covid-19 related data.

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Other Countries Are Also Looking Forward To Using This Digital Pass Soon

In terms of this digital pass, Singapore Airline has tested it successfully. Besides Singapore Airlines, Emirate, Etihad, and other airlines are soon going to roll out this feature for their passengers. On this, IATA director general Willie Walsh said in a statement,

“The success of our joint efforts will make IATA’s partnership with the government of Singapore a model for others to follow.”

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In terms of covid cases, Singapore has had fewer case in comparison to other Asian countries. The country was fast enough to shut its borders and thereby tackled the pandemic quite well. And now, with the introduction of this new digital passport- countries around the world are hoping to resume faster and avoid complications at the airport.

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