Watch: Female Police Personnel Cross Dangerous Bamboo Bridge In Arunachal Pradesh To Return To HQ

Several videos of police personnel walking in poor weather conditions are making rounds on social media.

by Shreya Ghosh
Watch: Female Police Personnel Cross Dangerous Bamboo Bridge In Arunachal Pradesh To Return To HQ

The 2024 Lok Sabha election schedule started on April 19. On different dates, elections are taking place in different places across the nation. It will continue till June 1, 2024. Many police personnel are deployed all around the country and are assigned to duty during the voting dates. In a recently shared video, a group of female police personnel can be seen walking on a dangerous bamboo bridge after repolling in Arunachal Pradesh.

Female Police Personnel Crossed A Bamboo Bridge In East Kameng District

Taking to Instagram, All India Radio News (@airnewsalerts) shared a video of some police staff crossing a scary-looking bamboo bridge to return to headquarters.


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A post shared by All India Radio News (@airnewsalerts)

A few videos are making rounds on several social media platforms showing how officials are walking long distances and passing different landscapes for the re-polling in Andhra Pradesh. Many can be seen walking while carrying voting machines and other things and reaching their desired locations. Recently, re-polling was conducted in 8 polling stations in Andhra Pradesh’s 4 districts, according to a report by NDTV. The personnel crossed mountains and reached the polling officials in remote places in the Northeastern state.

A video shared by All India Radio News shows a group of female police personnel walking on a bamboo bridge. It is clearly visible that the traditional bamboo bridge constructed over the Kameng River was not in a sturdy condition. The officials were crossing that dangerous bridge in a remote location in the East Kameng District to return to the headquarters. They were going back to the headquarters after conducting the repolling successfully.

They were walking gently and very carefully while crossing the risky bridge to reach the other side. The personnel crossed it by taking each step cautiously and continued their journey toward the headquarters. This clip perfectly represents their immense dedication to their duties. Another highlight of the video is the Kameng River flowing strongly and loudly.

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The Journey Was Difficult

Taking to X, Chief Electoral Officer Arunachal Pradesh (@ceoarunachal) shared a video of the polling party walking in poor weather conditions after completing a re-poll at one of the polling stations in East Kameng.

The officials headed back by carrying the machines and materials needed for elections in different polling stations in Arunachal Pradesh. From walking long distances to trekking in different places, their journey was clearly hard. Many clips on social media show how they walked and crossed rough paths when it was raining too.

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When is the election date in your hometown?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ All India Radio News (@airnewsalerts)

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