Skip The Hotels, Stay In Apartments As Saudi Nationals Can Rent Their Homes To Tourists

by Deeplata Garde
Skip The Hotels, Stay In Apartments As Saudi Nationals Can Rent Their Homes To Tourists

Saudi Arabia has been taking immense efforts to bring a huge change in the tourism industry. From building the NEOM to changing visa regulations, the kingdom has been making swift changes to change the scenery. A recent development has proven Saudi’s consistent efforts to bring in positive changes in tourism. A Saudi Arabian law has been passed that permits its inhabitants to rent out their homes to tourists.

Now Skip Hotels & Book Residential Properties In Saudi

Pic Creds: Twitter/ Jabal Omar

According to the regulations on private tourism hospitality, Saudi nationals can apply for permission to charge tourists to stay in their personal properties. A private tourist lodging establishment must comply with the new regulation by being located on land that is either zoned for domestic or agricultural use. There can be no more than three permits for one individual in one property.

The ministry has total rights to cancel the permit for specific given reasons in certain geographical areas.

Airbnb For Tourists But Saudi’s Personal Portal

Credits: Airbnb

After announcing a brand-new website resembling the world’s rental marketplace, Saudi Arabia will now permit its people to run vacation homes in the manner of Airbnb.

The tourist law was adopted on Wednesday by the minister of tourism, Ahmed Al-Khateeb.

The administration of Saudi Arabia is opening up the kingdom to foreign investment and tourism, and the country’s goal is to rank among the top five tourist destinations in the world by 2030.

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How To Apply For This Permit?

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The filing of a digital title deed or a digital rental agreement that establishes the applicant’s ownership or use of the real site is one of the requirements for obtaining permission from the government.

The bylaw made clear that the candidate must adhere to the rules and regulations in order to issue the permit.

The licenced individual cannot use the name or logo of the government in any kind of advertising or promotion without first receiving its approval. He needs to communicate with the ministry 24 hours a day via a private tourism hospitality facility agent.

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