Sky Pods To Become Reality Very Soon: Dubai’s Skyline Will Soon Witness A Massive Change

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Sky Pods To Become Reality Very Soon: Dubai’s Skyline Will Soon Witness A Massive Change

Looks like the future of transport is here! HH Sheikh Mohammed and HH Sheikh Hamdan reviewed two models of the Sky Pods last year and now RTA has signed an agreement with Beem Cars, sealing the deal. This is an initiative towards achieving 25% autonomous transport by 2030. The futuristic electric pods use five times less power than regular electric vehicles.

What’s It?

The most awaited mode of transport- Sky Pods will soon be a reality in the UAE. Dubai RTA has signed a deal with Beem Cars, one of the biggest developers of sky pods. According to the agreement, the company will develop sky pods, a futuristic urban mobility system in Dubai, characterized by speed, safety and the efficient use of resources.

21 linking stations will connect the urban mode of transportation. The sky pods can reach speeds of up to 150kph and can carry up to 50,000 passengers per hour. The launch date is yet to be revealed, but when this becomes reality, Dubai’s transport system is sure to witness a massive change.

What Else?

Meanwhile, sky pods are not the only mode of transport that will hit Dubai this year. Take a look at the other modes of transport that will be launched this year in Dubai.

1. Flying Taxis

Soon, you will be able to spot flying taxis in the Dubai sky. Volocopter, the world’s first fully electric and manned aircraft will hit the skies in 2020. The vehicle received a warm welcome for its technical features and its eco-friendly model at the recent Greentech festival, an event in Berlin.

Passengers can board and get off the taxi at specially dedicated ‘Volo Hubs’ and ‘Volo Ports’. The taxi functions using drone technology and has batteries that can be replaced before each trip. The highlight of the Volocopter is that it is eco-friendly and emits zero sound. As for its interiors, travelers can enjoy luxurious leather seating, as well as parachute pick up during emergencies.

The air taxi can accommodate two passengers and can travel at a speed of 50 km/h. The volocopter will be commercialized in Dubai, Singapore, and Germany by the end of 2020.

2. Hyperloop

Soon, you will be able to shuttle between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 20 minutes. A Hyperloop connecting the two cities will be launched in 2020, allowing residents to enjoy a faster way of commute. The capsule will be assembled and tested, before it becomes fully operational in the Emirate. Once launched, the hyperloop will link Al Ain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The loop can accommodate up to 10 people, carrying a total of 10,000 passengers per hour.


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