4 Solo Women Travellers Get Candid On Women’s Day

by Sanjana Shenoy
4 Solo Women Travellers Get Candid On Women’s Day

It’s Women’s Day, we at Curly Tales spoke to 4 solo women travellers from India who travelled across states and countries leading the way for fellow women to take that plunge into solo travelling. Pratiksha Acharya, Shraddha Shah, Angela Joshua and Kanika Sharma spoke to us about their first solo trip experience, travelling with other people vs travelling solo and what they love and hate about solo trips. Read on to find out more about these strong women and their amazing solo trips.

Pratiksha Acharya’s Take On Solo Travelling

I am 21-years-old and I have solo travelled to 3 countries. I had been in a really long relationship and that ended. That’s when I thought I really had to do something for myself. So I thought its time I take the plunge, go around and see the world. I mostly went to Europe, Italy, Belgium then the Netherlands. I think the best part about solo travelling is that you get to meet so many people and it’s also like new beginnings in a lot of ways. That’s one of the reasons why I love travelling alone. Solo travelling can be a hassle sometimes when I have to drag my suitcase around alone. I would like to tell every woman out there to not be afraid to take the plunge. I feel like as women we are oppressed alot on a daily basis, that just travelling alone can be very liberating. So just go ahead, travel by yourself and have a good time.

Solo trip Italy

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Shraddha Shah’s Outlook Towards Solo Travelling

I am 31-years-old and I have travelled solo to 16 countries. I have never really been for a movie alone in my own city. But I love to travel so much that I was just sick of waiting for people, waiting for the perfect time, the perfect plan, the perfect set of people to travel with that one fine day, I just decided to pack my bag and go travelling by myself. I have gone scuba diving in Mexico, I have gone hiking up the volcanos in Indonesia, I have gone to Bali, Sipadan Borneo and many more places. The one thing I love about travelling solo is the number of people I meet, like literally after every trip I have 10 new friends of social media. Eating alone is one thing I don’t like about solo travelling, but I can get over it. I would like to tell all women to just take that leap of faith, just go and trust that the universe has got everything planned for you.

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Kanika Sharma’s Solo Travel Experience

I am 31-years-old I have travelled solo to 11 countries. I just wanted to take a trip all by myself for the heck of it. People think that women are not capable to travel all by themselves. I wanted to test that theory for myself so I went solo travelling. I have gone to Edinburg, London, Dublin, Goa, Kochi and may more places. I feel solo travelling is good because when you travel with your family, the itinerary ends up becoming too detailed. You’re not able to explore and understand a place properly. So travelling solo is just great. It can be a bit tough to have a meal all by yourself while solo travelling. But trust me its all worth it. Just take the leap of faith, just do it! I went to the USA for 20 Days In New York And 3 Incidents Of Racism, The Big Apple Is No Longer My Favourite City

Angela Joshua’s Feelings About Solo Travelling

I am 27 years old and I have gone solo travelling to 9 states in India. I had a lot of money, but I was still lonely. And that’s when I decided to travel and explore myself. My favourite state so far is Himachal Pradesh and I love Gokarna.

Women! Through these lovely women we would like to urge you to go solo travelling atleast once in your lifetime. Experience living, breathing and exploring a whole new destination all by yourself. It will be your chance to pamper yourself and get to know yourself much better. Wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day!