Someone Had The Audacity To Make Another Fried Ice Cream & We Are Horrified!

by Shreya Rathod
Someone Had The Audacity To Make Another Fried Ice Cream & We Are Horrified!

After enjoying a lip-smacking dinner, we have a craving for something sweet. And what’s better than cold, flavourful and creamy ice cream? But this cold treat has taken a different approach recently. There is a new type of ice cream — fried ice cream! Yes! A dessert made by frying an ice cream ball coated with batter and cereal crust. And this is being made in various parts of India. This Twitter user has posted a video of this dessert made by a street vendor.

Another Fried Ice Cream?

A Twitter user, Chirag Barjatya, posted a video of the making of this fried ice cream. The video starts with the vendor taking a large scoop of ice cream and coating it with crushed biscuit crumble and then in a batter. He again coats the ball with the crumble and then deep fries it. The ice cream ball looks crusty from the outside with the ice cream at the centre.

The user has captioned this video as ‘guess the state’. The comments below this video suggest that frying ice cream is not a new concept. One of the users has written that he first saw this dessert in Bangalore in the early 90s. Another one wrote that the Marriott in Hinjewadi has been serving this dessert for a long time. But others were not so pleased with frying ice cream.

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Not A New Concept!

fried ice cream
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The origins of this dessert are the subject of different legends. Some contend that it was initially offered at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, which also saw the invention of the ice cream sundae. The innovation was credited to a Philadelphia firm in 1894. The company described the dessert as a piece of ice cream covered in pie crust and cooked in butter till crisp. The third claim that surfaced in the 1960s asserts that Japanese tempura is responsible for the invention of this dessert.

It has two origin points — Asian and Mexican! The Asian version uses tempura whereas the Mexican version uses cornflakes and cookie crumble.

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What are your thoughts about this cold fried dessert? Also, comment below and tell us if you have tried it yet!

Cover Image Courtesy: Chirag Barjatya/ Twitter