Someone Has Come Up With Popcorn Salad, And Netizens Are Clearly Not Happy About It

Popcorn Salad
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1238

Internet is a funny place. Right from hilarious memes to bizarre food combinations, you can easily find everything on the internet. And now, after Bourbon Chawanprash, Popcorn salad is the new trend that we are going crazy. Popcorn, which is synonymous with movies, is timeless. Be it the classic butter or the delicious cheese, we all have favourites. And now, to add more to it, a user took popcorn and turned it into a salad, and we are clearly not happy about it.

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Popcorn Salad Is Now A Thing And We Don’t Know What To Say

Cody Tapp shared this clip on social media, and the video has gone viral in no time. It has already garnered 3 million views. The 1.35-minute clip features a lady sharing her recipe for making “popcorn salad”. In the video, you can see the lady adding various ingredients to the dish like celery, mayo and sour cream. And after watching the video, netizens are clearly unhappy about it.

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Here’s how people on Twitter reacted.

1. Well We Certainly Agree 

2. It Can’t Get Real Than This. We Feel This Too. 

3. What Your Thoughts On This? 

4. This Person Is Definitely A Big Popcorn Fan 

5. This User Has Taken Some Major Offence

While some people have really gone all out to call out the women who made this salad, some have appreciated it too. Yep, there are people who don’t mind trying this dish. What about you? If you love popcorn, would you dare to try this dish, or you will stick to the basics?

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