Someone Made Masala Chikki Chat, And The Cringe Is Real!

by Mallika Khurana
Someone Made Masala Chikki Chat, And The Cringe Is Real!

Chikki is being experimented with on the streets of Surat, and Instagrammers aren’t happy about it. A vendor attempted to make a chat out of it with chutney and spices.

Snacking is something everyone loves, mostly out of habit. Once you start munching on something, the only way you can move on from it is when someone pulls the pack out of your hand. Snacking in the winter is special! No matter what age group the person is in, you can find them having peanuts, rewari, or chikki.

Over the years, we have seen many variations of these classic snacks. Moongfali got flavouring, and chikki came with peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut flakes, and more. While they are all supremely delicious, once in a while comes a variation that is hard to accept.

One such variation is the one we saw on Instagram on a page called ‘surti_lalo’. This page managed to stump us with a Chatpata take on sweet and crunchy chikki.

To really believe it, take a look at it yourself! 

Watch The Making Of Chikki Chat


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This page brought the spotlight on this hard-to-believe combination of bhelpuri and chikki. And there is no easy way to react to it.

The vendor assembles the chikki as a chat. The broken chikki pieces are topped with green chutney, which is usually spicy. He then moves on with the usual toppings of bhelpuri, like diced onions, cornflakes, sev, and lemon juice.

He finishes it off with chat masala.

One can only imagine what this combination of sweet and spicy would taste like.

The Audience Isn’t Taking Well To It

The audience has responded to this creation just like they do to any bizarre food concept on the internet.

Take a look:

“Time to leave”

“Achi khane ki item ko barbad krdo sab” ( Ruin all good things)

“Cheese to bhul gye” (Forgot to add cheese)

“Kya kar rahe ho” (What are you doing?)

Would you dare to try this chikki chaat? Do tell us about it.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Surti_lalo