Sonu Sood Fan Creates Massive Portrait Of Him On 50,000 Sq Feet Of Land As Birthday Gift

sonu sood portrait
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 701

Sonu Sood might have started off playing villainous roles in several films. Today, he is India’s real and reel life hero. Over the span of a year, Sonu Sood has emerged as a messiah for the needy who suffered the most amid the pandemic. Thanks to Sood migrant labourers stuck in Mumbai could go back to their homes, students stranded in Kyrgyzstan came back to their families. The actor turned philanthropist, has been honoured for his selfless deeds innumerable times. From an ambulance, street food stall to a temple being dedicated to him, the messiah has a special place in the hearts of Indians. To honour Sonu Sood, his fan has created a massive portrait of him on 50,000 sq feet of land as a birthday gift.

Sonu Sood’s Massive Portrait Blows Away Social Media

Vipul Mirajkar, an artist and Sonu Sood fan has created a stunning portrait of the actor on 50,000 sq ft of land on a field. Sharing the entire process on his Instagram page he captioned the video, “Sonu Sood bhaiya. Birthday surprise portrait.” In the video, the artist is seen digging and ploughing the field to create a stunning artwork that perfectly captures the actor’s sharp features. The massive Sonu Sood portrait can be seen with a drone flying in the sky. The video went viral. It garnered over 21,000 views on Instagram. It became so popular that renowned photographer Viral Bhayani also shared it on his page.

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Sonu Sood Calls His Fan’s Birthday Gift “Unreal”

It’s not just the photographer, but netizens across India are blown away by his skills. In fact, Vipul Mirajkar met Sonu Sood himself to show his love for the actor through his heartfelt birthday gift. Vipul shared a video of Sonu Sood’s reaction to his artwork. In the video, Vipul is seen seated next to Sonu Sood, his wife Sonali Sood, and their son. They are watching the video on the laptop. The Sonu Sood portrait took 20 days. Sonu Sood called Vipul’s artwork “unreal”. His wife, Sonali Sood revealed it was the best artwork she has ever seen. The actor with a heart of gold certainly deserves this larger than life token of love.

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Meanwhile, our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani got the chance to get up close with India’s loved messiah Sonu Sood on an episode of Sunday Brunch.


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