South African Man Shares Bhutta With Underprivileged; Netizens Say, “Dill Jeet Liya”

Tayne De Villiers, a South African was man seen trying out bhutta, a popular street food from a vendor in Mumbai.

by Anupriya Mishra
South African Man Shares Bhutta With Underprivileged; Netizens Say, “Dill Jeet Liya”

There are many videos on Instagram and other social media sites that are bound to leave people feeling warm on the inside. With many heartwarming videos restoring our faith in humanity, there are some really feel-good videos out there as well. Recently, a video has been going viral by Tayne De Villiers, in which he has seen sharing bhutta, which is a popular Indian food with underprivileged girls. Take a look!

A Foreigner Shares Bhutta With Underpriviledged Girls


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When you look at foreigners eating food, you often find them chomping down on chicken tikka or naan, right? Well, not Tayne De Villiers! The South African man is seen trying out street food from a vendor in Mumbai. This street food is none other than bhutta and in his excitement of trying this monsoon-favourite snack, shared it with two underprivileged girls as well. Talking in Hindi with the vendor, asking about how long he had been working there and so on, this little gesture by this man has won the hearts of people on the internet.

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He Wins The Hearts Of Netizens!

Pic credits: Instagram/tayne_devilliers

Yes, people can be seen commenting on how he has won their hearts and what a sweet gesture he made. In fact, the vendor also compliments Tayne for his Indian attire. Yes, was wearing kurta pyjama, and in reply, he says that he is an international Indian, an Indian from afar.

Bhutta is a favourite monsoon snack for people across the country. Roasted over charcoal and topped with lemon and black salt, this street food is adored for its tangy and sweet flavours. While many people prefer corn steamed, nothing beats the charred flavour of a freshly roasted bhutta!

So, the next time you also come across underprivileged people, don’t forget to show them kindness and talk politely as your kind words can make someone’s day. And this video is definitely proof of the same.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/tayne_devilliers

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