Specially-Abled Women Make Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols In Mumbai

by Sanjana Shenoy
Specially-Abled Women Make Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols In Mumbai

Taking the eco-friendly spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi forward,  specially-abled women in Mumbai are crafting seed Ganesha idols to celebrate the occasion. Women with Downs Syndrome in Mumbai are creating Ganesha idols with Tulsi seeds inside them. These Ganesha idols are made in such an innovative manner that when they are immersed in water, the Tulsi seeds get dissolved and will grow into a plant.

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Picture Credits: DNA India

What’s More?

Radhika Khanna the trustee of Om Creation has said to a reputed news agency that the preparation of eco-friendly handmade Ganesha idols by these specially-abled women acts as a source of pocket money for them. It helps them to get dignity and respect from society.

Picture Credits: Youtube.com

She further quoted that the family members of these specially-abled women are happy to know that these women can contribute to society in a wonderful manner. Kudos to these talented women who have made this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai all the more special.

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