Sports Tourism Gets A Boost In India; 71% Indians Wish To Travel To See Favourite Team & Player

Would you like to plan a trip to support your favourite team at a sporting event?

by Shreya Ghosh
Sports Tourism Gets A Boost In India; 71% Indians Wish To Travel To See Favourite Team & Player

The travel industry has witnessed a major shift in travellers’ preferences over the past years. From a significant rise in solo travelling to spiritual tourism, globetrotters now wish to enjoy unique experiences and fascinating journeys in their holidays. One of the recent biggest trends in the tourism market is sports tourism. It has gained massive recognition in recent years and is emerging to be an impactful segment as well. Recent data revealed some interesting highlights about this year’s travel trends.

Sports Tourism Is Growing Rapidly!

Sports Tourism
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The industry research unveiled that the global sports tourism market is projected to be around USD 1.8 billion by the year 2030. Sports fans are getting enthusiastic and planning more and more trips to support their favourite teams and to see them play in different leagues. One of the classic examples of the surge in this segment in India has to be the 2023 World Cup. Enthusiasts from different corners of the world travelled to India to support and cheer for their nations.’s Travel Trends data for 2024 revealed that 45 per cent of globetrotters wish to explore the world to attend different sporting events. They are fascinated and excited to join the crowds at stadiums and enjoy important and world-renowned events such as the Paris Olympics, Formula 1, and World Cup. India is home to crores of sports fanatics and many plan to travel abroad to witness various games.

73 per cent of Indian travellers wish to go on a foreign holiday this year to witness the glory and grandeur of mega sports events. Our country has made it to the top 5 booker countries for the Paris Olympics 2024, according to the flight data of Cricket is no longer the only sport that Indians enjoy watching. The good news is that fanbases to support different sports are indeed on the rise.

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Indians Are Loving This New Travel Segment!

Sports Tourism
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Apart from the global events, many fans wish to enjoy the domestic games and events as well. 76 per cent of Indians shared their interest in traveling within their cities or states to enjoy local sports competitions. 70 per cent would love to visit different places in India to watch live matches of the Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi, Indian Super League, and a lot more.

71 per cent of Indian tourists desire to travel to support their favourite teams and see their loved players playing. Also, 67 per cent feel that these events are great for catching up with long-distance friends and family members. 23 per cent focus on upcoming sporting events when they research to select places for holidays. 56 per cent of Indian tourists go on trips just so that they can attend a sports match.

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Would you like to plan a trip to someplace where your favourite is playing the next time?

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