Spread Across 5.5 Hectares Of Land, This Butterfly Park In Tripura Houses 250 Butterfly Species

by Tooba Shaikh
Spread Across 5.5 Hectares Of Land, This Butterfly Park In Tripura Houses 250 Butterfly Species

Butterflies are arguably one of the most beautiful insects that nature has to offer. Not only are they extremely beautiful to look at, but they also play an important role in supporting an ecosystem. The Butterfly Eco-Park which is located in Chottakhola village is the first butterfly park in the region of Tripura. It is gradually becoming a major attraction for tourists from both within the country and outside of it.

First Butterfly Park In Tripura

butterfly park
Credits: @southtripura.nic.in/Website

Butterfly Eco-Park is a beautiful butterfly park in Tripura that is slowly gaining popularity and is becoming a major attraction for all tourists. It is spread across 5.5 hectares of land and houses around 250 species of butterflies.

This means that if you are a butterfly enthusiast, you can explore this eco-park and have your fill of butterfly-watching. All the butterflies are well taken care of. The trees and plants in this eco-park were planted keeping in mind that butterflies would be the major attraction for this park.

Hence, many of the trees planted there are sources of food for the butterflies. In addition to these trees, the authorities of the park have also installed additional trays from where the butterflies can feed themselves.

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Butterfly Eco-Park Near Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Eco-park is closely situated to the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. The park was established the in the year 2016 by the forest department of India. Generally, experts believe that if butterflies populate an ecosystem, it is a sign that the ecosystem is healthy and flourishing. Hence, officials decided to promote butterflies in order to boost tourism in the region.

This park is situated right near the border shared by India and Bangladesh. It is a mere walk away from Eden of Bison, an animal park. The village of Rajnagar is also very closely located to this Butterfly Eco-Park.

Since the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary and the area around it are huge tourist attractions, the butterfly park will also help in increasing the number of tourists that visit it. This will only aid the economy.

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Cover Image Credits: @southtripura.nic.in/Website