Starbucks Japan Has Pink Lattes In Pink Tumblers. And, It’s Getting Us In Cherry Blossom Mood!

by Mallika Khurana
Starbucks Japan Has Pink Lattes In Pink Tumblers. And, It’s Getting Us In Cherry Blossom Mood!

Cherry Blossom Season or Sakura season in Japan is pretty special. Around late March, Cherry Blossoms are in bloom, turning the space all around pretty in pink. This year, Starbucks Japan is making a big deal out of the cherry blossom season. They have released a collection of merchandise dedicated to the season. The collection is called sakura merchandise. One set of sakura merchandise as well as an exclusive collection that is only sold at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo in Nakameguro has already been made available. A second batch of cherry blossom products is being released. It will be available online starting on March 1 and in all Starbucks locations nationwide on March 3.

Starbucks Japan Has A Second Collection For Cherry Blossom Season

Now comes the excitement all around this collection! Imagine having your pink lattes in pink tumblers, what would put in a cherry blossom mood better than this? One look at this collection has made up want to catch a flight to Japan.

With all the rage around this collection, it will be better to get your hands on it as soon as possible. This seasonal assortment has gained a lot of popularity and has become a much sought-after collection of Starbucks merchandise. Their availability only in Japan also has something to do with all the craze. Created in partnership with American drinkware company Stanley, this latest collection of merchandise also contains tumblers, mugs, and glasses.

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Here’s What The Collection Offers

1. Stainless steel Stanley tumbler (¥4,350)

2. Cold cup tumbler ( ¥2,200)

3. Rice husk tumbler (¥2,300)

4. Floral rim mug (¥2,350)

5. Heat-resistant colour-changing glass mug (¥2,800)

6. Stainless steel petal bottle (¥3,900)

7. Stainless steel marble bottle (¥4,000)

8. Stainless steel Stanley bottle (¥5,000)

9. Mini cup gift (¥1,050)

10. Beverage gift card (¥700)

We might not relate to the craze of Cherry Blossom season or Sakura season, we definitely get the hype about the dedicated pink merchandise. Their stainless flowery rim mug, steel marble bottle, and cold cup tumbler are gaining a lot of traction. Make sure to check it out before it gets sold out!

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Starbucks Reserve Roastery Japan