Started By A 26-YO, Mumbai’s Conscious Mithaiwala Offers Delicious, Sugar-Free Mithais

by Shreya Rathod
Started By A 26-YO, Mumbai’s Conscious Mithaiwala Offers Delicious, Sugar-Free Mithais

Indian mithai is a soft spot for almost everyone. No celebration is complete without some delicious desi desserts. However, if you are suffering from diabetes, enjoying desserts becomes difficult. That is not the case anymore! In Mumbai, Conscious Mithaiwala offers decadent sweets for diabetics for every occasion!

Enjoy Sugar-Free Mithais At Conscious Mithaiwala In Mumbai!

An aspiring chef who enjoys both cooking and eating, he has a talent for going beyond accepted norms because of the numerous dietary restrictions he must adhere to after living with diabetes for almost ten years. When he was eight years old, 26-year-old Harsh Kedia, who was diagnosed with type 1.5 diabetes at the age of 14, took his first culinary class.

He overcame many obstacles, including his ill health, but nothing ever kept him from his passion for cooking. This passion has now enabled him to become an entrepreneur, teacher, motivational speaker, and owner of two confectionery businesses.

He has recently opened ‘Conscious Mithaiwala’ in Mumbai where you will get sugar-free Indian mithai, perfect for those with diabetes. The young chef anticipates strong sales from his actual stores, which opened its doors on October 23 in Juhu, Mumbai.

In an Instagram post, he shared that it has never been more convenient for him to enjoy holidays and weddings as an Indian with diabetes and other health restrictions, but that is no longer the case. For everyone suffering from diabetes, he had started this healthy mithai shop so they could enjoy sweets without any worries!

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The First Company Founded By This Young Chef


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Harsh Kedia had launched ‘A Diabetic Chef’, his first company and a cloud kitchen, which offers zero-sugar confectionery like chocolates. He claimed that his goods are entirely natural, primarily sugar-free, and have the same sweetness level as other products. He also stated that the goal is to essentially replicate the flavour of sugar-filled products in his own line.

Further, the menu includes conventional sweets like brownies, chocolates, and even milkshakes that people with diabetes and those who are health-conscious may enjoy without any hesitation. Their aim is to unite those who share their belief that having diabetes does not mean having to give up on cravings because it allows you to enjoy certain guilt-free delicacies. In fact, they promise to give you the highest calibre of sugar-free confectionary possible.

Harsh Kedia is now an entrepreneur, educator, motivational speaker, and writer. Having started and co-founded several enterprises, he excels at transforming all of his side ideas into successful businesses. His passion for instructing and sharing knowledge has inspired him to work more every day, whether it be in marketing or baking.

According to their website, ‘A Diabetic Chef’ has always been at the core of his work. His interests and dreams, together with his long hours spent in the kitchen, have all been directed towards building a company that actually cares about its customers. His life’s work is to reinvent and rework dishes for the diabetic and health-conscious markets.

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