Started In 1916, Mumbai’s Iconic Parsi Dairy Farm Gets A New Look; Everything Still Creamy & Rich

Parsi Dairy Farm
by Tejashee Kashyap

In the heart of Mumbai stands a century-old institution that embodies not just tradition, but a timeless essence of quality and community. Mumbai’s Parsi Dairy Farm has witnessed the city’s transformation over the last hundred years. But, it is not merely a dairy. Now, the dairy farm has undergone a makeover while keeping its century-old recipes intact.

A New Era At Parsi Dairy Farm


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The Parsi Dairy Farm traces its roots back to 1916 when its founder, Nariman Ardeshir, envisioned this venture to offer the highest quality dairy products to all Mumbaikars. With a handful of cows and an unwavering determination, Ardeshir embarked on his journey. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction laid the foundation for what would become an iconic brand.

Now, a new generation is helming the brand. The Princess Street outpost has updated interiors and packaging, such as a yoghurt cart and a toffee dispenser, however with the same creamy, thick malai kulfi for which it is famous. Zeenia K Patel, brand director at the dairy is the great-granddaughter of Ardeshir and is the 4th generational owner.

Step inside the new store and you can find the windows decorated with life-size installations. Like, the pure milk that has been used to make innumerable dishes as well as the velvety kulfi that has delighted the palates of countless people. The newly designed store has sections for Indian sweets, Bengali sweets, a kulfi fridge, daily necessities, a toffee dispenser, a pushcart, and an area for gifts.

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A Revitalised Experience


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While dairy staples like milk, ghee, cream, and butter continue to be the centre of attraction, the mithais, kulfis, and toffees are the ones that are in high demand. The Mithai collection is crafted with Rajasthani and Persian elements. They are crafted with the creamy indulgence of kulfi to the richness of ghee.

They also have a new ‘The Great Indian Toffee’ that is the newest chapter of Parsi Dairy Farm as they reopen their doors. It’s a journey into Indian flavours, sweetly ensconced in new-look packaging.  Plus, the toffee dispenser, is a sweet addition for a new generation of consumers. It’s not just a place where milk and sweets are procured; it’s a time machine that transports patrons back to an era when values were different, and life moved at a slower pace.

In an age of fleeting trends, head to the new wholesome Parsi Dairy Farm outpost where quality, authenticity, and community bonds are timeless values that enrich the fabric of a city.

Where: 261/63, Shamaldas Gandhi Marg, Marine lines
When: 8 am–8:30 pm

Cover image credits: Press Release/Parsi Dairy Farm