Stay On Top Of The World At India’s Highest Altitude Hotel In Ladakh Overlooking Pangong Lake

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 2264

High in Ladakh’s Pangong, nearly 4,225m above sea level, you start to feel you are on top of the world. The spectacular view of the peaks from your mountainside perch begins to seem dizzying. Luckily, all you have to do is call room service, order some tea and the fog in your head will lift. Soon you will realise once again how perfect your whereabouts are – you are on top of the world but still wrapped in comfort.

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Wake Up To Views Of The Crystal Clear Pangong Lake

The Pangong Inn in Ladakh is one of those properties where a bird’s-eye view is the number-one selling point. Who can blame travellers for wanting to ditch pool-view or garden-view rooms in favour of a picture of the crystal clear, azure coloured Pangong Lake? If you are looking for indelible memories, there can be nothing like this dramatic setting.

Insulated Rooms To Keep You Warm

Here, you can stay in one of the eight insulated rooms where the ceilings feature a layer of dried poplar sticks and tarpaulin. When the temperature drops to negative outside, the room and the thick 650 gsm poly-fill comforters will keep you warm. The heat of the kitchen fires warms up the dining room. Ladakh Has A Magnetic Hill Where Cars Are Pulled Upwards On A Slope.

Live In Tents & Feel Close To Mother Nature

What makes this luxury inn even more striking is the fact that it is one of the first hotels in the area. Only tents and camps have been used to maintain the sanctity of mother nature. If you wish to detox and cut yourself from city life, this is the place to feel at one with nature. You Can Now Buy A Piece Of Land In Ladakh With This New Law.

Why would you risk vertigo and stay in such heights, you ask? Staying in such a location can give you the feeling of adventure, without the hardships that go along with it. Also, many cultures believe Gods live on mountaintops, so if you are the mystic one, you would naturally be drawn there.

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