Afghans With Valid Documents Will Be Able To Travel Freely In Future: Taliban

by Sanjana Shenoy
Afghans With Valid Documents Will Be Able To Travel Freely In Future: Taliban

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country after the Taliban encircled Kabul on August 15, and conceded the terrorists had won the 20-year war. The shockingly quick collapse of the government with terrorists taking over the presidential palace triggered utter fear and panic in the capital Kabul. Afghan government forces collapsed without the support of the US military. Stranded Indians in Afghanistan are struggling to return back as Afghan airspace closes and the Taliban blocked most of the roads leading to Kabul airport.

Afghans Can Travel Freely In Future

However, a senior Taliban official said Afghans with valid documents will be able to travel in the future at any time. They will open up the Afghan borders  and people will be able to travel at any time into and out of Afghanistan, The message came as thousands struggled to get onto the last flights leaving Kabul airport before a deadline for the evacuation operation ends next week.

200 Were Sikhs Stuck In Afghanistan’s Gurudwara

As scenes of turmoil emerge, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh made an urgent request about the evacuation of 200 Sikhs stuck in a Gurudwara. “Urge @DrSJaishankar, MEA, GoI, to arrange for immediate evacuation of all Indians, including around 200 Sikhs, stuck in a Gurudwara in Afghanistan after the #Taliban takeover. My govt is willing to extend any help needed to ensure their safe evacuation. @MEAIndia (sic),” the Punjab Chief Minister tweeted, asking Foreign Minister S Jaishankar for help.

Air India Cancelled Kabul-Delhi Flight As Afghan Airspace Closed

Air India cancelled its Delhi-Kabul-Delhi flight scheduled to leave at 12:30 pm on August 16 as Afghan Airspace closes. It was the only commercial flight scheduled to operate between India and Afghanistan on Monday, August 16. Afghanistan airspace was declared uncontrolled by authorities at the Kabul airport. Air India also diverted its two flights coming to Delhi from the USA towards Sharjah in the UAE for the same reason. India planned a complete evacuation of its embassy personnel and staff from Kabul in 48 hours according to sources at News18.

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Hundreds Of People Tried To Climb On Plane At Kabul Airport

Earlier in the day, the Indian government reportedly informed Air India to put two aircraft on standby for emergency evacuation. Air India also prepared a set crew for emergency operations from Kabul to New Delhi. But now that the situation is extremely bad, the Taliban blocking roads to the airport and the Afghan airspace closed, the situation is dire. A video of hundreds of Afghans trying to climb into an aeroplane to fly out of the country amid the Taliban’s return is a lasting tragic image in the war-torn country. A parked aircraft at Kabul Airport is seen surrounded by a sea of people who are pushing and fighting to get in from the cabin.

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Air India Evacuated 129 People From Kabul On August 15

The visuals resemble a chaotic bus rather than an airport. Witnesses revealed to Reuters that at least 5 people were killed in Kabul airport as hundreds tried to forcibly enter planes to leave the Afghan capital. On August 15, Air India flight AI-244 took off from Kabul evacuating 129 passengers. The flight which flew at 6:06 pm reached Delhi a little before 8 pm. Meanwhile, Vistara’s flights from Delhi to London have also stopped using the Afghan airspace as the country faces an uncertain future in the hands of the Taliban.