Street Food Vendor Makes Omelette With Crushed Oreos. Yaar, For The Love Of God, Staph It!

oreo Omelette
by Suchismita Pal 205

We love eggs. A delish, fluffy omelette loaded with dollops of cheese can literally make our day. And we love chocolates too. But omelette infused with crushed Oreos! Hell no, we weren’t ready for this. Food experiments are getting crazier day by day, and this is another addition to the bizarre bandwagon.

Food blogger Tushar Dhanwani shared a reaction video of this weird chocolate omelette that is having the Netizens in splits.

Here’s How The Food Vendor Made Oreo Omelette

In the video, Tushar says, ” Aj barbaad hone aa gya hain anda aur aaj ban rha hain chocolate Oreo wala omelette bread.. barbaad zindagi.” In the video, we see the food vendor mixing raw eggs, crushed Oreos and chocolate sauce together and then pouring the mixture into a pan. On top of the mixture, he puts vegetables, two slices of bread and even Oreo biscuits. He then flips the omelette to fry the side with the Oreo biscuits and the bread. He then makes slices out of the omelette and tops them with more chocolate sauce.

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The Recipe Reminds Netizens Of ‘Ghor Kalyug’

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “I think ghor kalyug is started.” Another stated, “Bhai thoda sa usmein Rasna bhi daal do.. let’s make it chemistry lab experiment.” Yet another commented, “They’re destructors . There are people who live in hunger and these have more money to waste the resources.” Also, this is not the first time someone made an Oreo omelette. Earlier, a video of an omelette made with Oreo and Coke had also gone viral.

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Any thoughts on the above video, foodies?

Feature Image Credits: Screengrab from Instagram/foodie_tshr