Studies Suggest That Indians Travel More To Show Off Rather Than The Love For Travel

by Angel Srivastava
Studies Suggest That Indians Travel More To Show Off Rather Than The Love For Travel

Everyone loves travelling, especially Indians. Going to far off places, away from the daily routine of life and relaxing and unwinding. But is that really why people travel? A recent study has suggested that most Indians travel to show off instead of their genuine love for travelling.

ICICI Lombard recently conducted a travel survey, and according to it 54% percent of Indians only travel once a year.

We belong to a generation that has grown up with technology, social media, and smartphones. They value sharing their experiences live online rather than actually experiencing them.

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Movies like Queen and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani not only instilled the love of travel amongst the youth but also turned it into a way to achieve social status.

A study by reported that due to stiff competition among the people in the country as to who gets more likes, comments, and shares, people travel just for ‘Social Status’.

While it is true that the majority of people travel to spend time with family or friends or to simply ditch the routine. But it was reported that 38% of Indians travel to establish status and prestige.

Today, it’s all about the impact one creates through their social media. How many likes, comments, and shares they have got are the factors that people use to choose their destination and realise what’s trending and what’s not.

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So, before you take off on your next vacation, ask your self, why are you travelling?