Sun, Sea, Boat And View! Enjoy It All And Eat In A Boat At Ajman

by Deeplata Garde
Sun, Sea, Boat And View! Enjoy It All And Eat In A Boat At Ajman

Did anybody ask for private dining? Because we have some good news fellas! Ajman’s Caravana Resort dining venue, The View, has set up a new private dining destination. You must have heard lifeboat saves you, but here this Boat by The View provides you with a reason to live on. The lifeboat-themed restaurant is the epitome of luxury dining with scenic panoramic views in Ajman.

The Boat By The View

This lifeboat concept can accommodate 7 people to serve the finest range of cuisine. This extended part of The View restaurant was specially designed to provide private sections for large or small groups. Sitting on the coast of Ajman you can relish the best food and beverages, glancing at the Nautica. Nonetheless, it’s required to specify that this place can add that required glam to your Instagram.

A lengthy range of brand-new nibble menus is available. Every fresh nibble variety is only offered during the week at The View. At The View, patrons can enjoy the luxuriance of alfresco eating. They are experts in fusing innovation with heritage.

What’s On The Menu Of The Boat By The View?

The menu was quite vast to try it all. But we do have a list of recommendations at The Boat by The View. The beverages are very refreshing and a must-try. They offer the best range of desserts. We suggest you try the Mango mousse with passion fruit filling and chocolate bomb. With winter approaching you add some pumpkin brulee to your list.

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The place seems to have advanced bookings so walk-ins might not get so much attention. It’s better to reserve this private venue in advance. So plan a sundowner with your friends or family at the earliest.

Where: Caravana Beach Resort, Al Zorah, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Contact: 06 505 8888,

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram