CT’s Best Ep 6: Top 4 Sweets You Must Try At Mishti Hub In Kolkata

by Sanjana Shenoy
CT’s Best Ep 6: Top 4 Sweets You Must Try At Mishti Hub In Kolkata

When it comes to sweets and Indian mithai, only one place comes to our minds, Kolkata. From juicy  Rasgullas, refreshing Mishti Doi, creamy Chom Chom,  milky Nolen Gurer Payesh and whatnot, Kolkata is a true heaven for sweet lovers in the country. And when you think about the best places to gorge on amazing Bengali sweets this Durgotsav, then only Mishti Hub in Kolkata should come to your mind. With over 10 traditional sweet shops serving over 50 types of sweets, Mishti Hub is all things Mishti! So we have here the top 4 sweets you must try at Mishti Hub in Kolkata.

Try The Mango Flavour Misti Doi In Bancharam

Priced at only ₹40, the mango flavour Misti Doi at this sweet shop in Mishti Hub is served to you in a little clay bowl. It’s super creamy, sweet and has a lovely flavour of mango. If you’re a mango lover this Bengali sweet must be on your foodie list this Durgotsav.

Gorge On The Creme Sandesh At Hindusthan Sweets

The Creme Sandesh at this sweet shop is simply lip-smacking. You will get a soft, crumbly texture of paneer and a creamy flavour of malai. Its one of the best milk sweets in town and you must have this.

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Have The Kesari Roshogolla At K.C. Das

The inventors of the popular Indian dessert, Roshogolla K.C Das is one of the most popular sweet shops in not just Kolkata, but in the whole of India. This Durgotsav, you must have their special Kesari Roshogolla apart from their 20 other types of Roshogollas. The Kesari Roshogolla has a beautiful aroma of saffron and its fluffy, juicy and super sweet.

Eat The Sitabhog At Naba Krishna Guin

One of the most popular sweets of Kolkata, Sitabhog is simply heaven on a plate. It’s truly delicious. So do try these amazing sweets at Kolkata’s Mishti Hub this Durgotsav.

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