Swiggy Accused Of Allegedly Charging ₹3 Extra On Every Order; Company Says, ‘It’s A Technical Bug’

by Shreya Rathod
Swiggy Accused Of Allegedly Charging ₹3 Extra On Every Order; Company Says, ‘It’s A Technical Bug’

Ordering a takeout instead of cooking sounds like a nice option, especially for working professionals. And, therefore, food aggregators have thrived in metro cities. However, recently, Swiggy was accused of allegedly charging ₹3 extra on every order; details here.

Swiggy Accused Of Charging ₹3 Extra On Every Order

Over the past few days, several users have complained and brought attention to the fact that Swiggy, an online food delivery service, has been adding an extra ₹3 to orders while rounding totals to the nearest whole number. Swiggy has since clarified the situation and stated that it was a technical error, with consumers only being paid for their orders’ true cost.

An X user, @kingslyj, took notice of this and shared that all Swiggy transactions were in whole figures, that is without paisa amounts, however, other card transactions had the paisa amount. He further shared that he did some research and shared that earlier Swiggy used to charge the exact amount, including paisa. However, they have started salami slicing.

In the following tweet, he explained the entire transaction in detail. He concludes that instead of just adding 9 paise to round up, they charge ₹3.09 extra! At this rate, even 10 paise on every order can add up to crores per year. In fact, the amount is added after tax!

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So, basically, Swiggy is stealing from the customers and not informing them or even providing any service, he adds.

The Company Clarifies This Issue

Capital Mind’s founder and CEO, Deepak Shenoy, related a similar experience. He shared that his previous order came to a total of ₹255.60, however, he was charged ₹259. He also remarked that this can’t be a random error and it looked like they were adding ₹3 extra purposely. In his following tweet, he states that it isn’t an error. Many customers reported in their accounts that they noticed a significant disparity in the final bill value.

In response to this, Swiggy stated that the issue was a technical glitch that the teams had resolved. Inaccurate discount amounts may be shown to some users on their order history page. Users have, however, actually paid the authorised discount amount at the time of checkout. The proper amount has been paid by customers.

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Their experts have fixed the technical fault that caused this mismatch between the order history and the actual paid value.

Cover Image Courtesy: Swiggy/Facebook & Canva