After Zomato, A Swiggy Customer From Hyderabad Refuses Food From Muslim Delivery Boy

by Pratiksha Acharya
After Zomato, A Swiggy Customer From Hyderabad Refuses Food From Muslim Delivery Boy

In a weird turn of events, a man in Hyderabad refused to accept his food delivered by a Muslim man. While ordering through Swiggy, the man in question specifically requested for a Hindu delivery executive to deliver the order to his address. From what is gathered about the religious attack, Ajay Kumar had placed an order for a dish of Chicken 65 to be delivered to his place. While putting in his instructions on the food delivery app, he asked the food to be delivered by a man following the Hindu religion. However, on finding Mudassir Omar at his door, he instantly refused to accept the order.

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What’s The Issue?

This is not the first time that an incident like this has taken place. Earlier this year, a man in Madhya Pradesh was arrested for hurting religious sentiments when he cancelled his order after the delivery boy turned out to be a non-Hindu. He went on to tweet about it which, for obvious reasons, backfired. Zomato hit back and said “Food has no religion”.

Swiggy Hyderabad
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In Hyderabad, when Ajay Kumar placed his order for his Chicken 65, he put his preferences as, “Very less spicy. And, please select Hindu delivery person. All ratings will be based on this”. Which demands the question, how can people be so callous and hateful in this day and age? The delivery boy, Omar called up Kumar to ask him for directions to his house and was instead rebuked and screamt at when Kumar found out he was Muslim. Post this, Kumar called up Swiggy’s customer care asking for a refund. The executive told him that he would receive a cancellation charge of ₹95. He agreed to it and said that he would be okay with that but not okay with having food delivered by a Muslim person.

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Omar has gone ahead and filed a police complaint against Kumar for hurting his religious sentiments. We can’t help but wonder how people can behave this way in modern India.