Swiss Airline Is Now Offering Free Internet Use For Chat Services Like WhatsApp With No Data Limit

by Shreya Shriyan
Swiss Airline Is Now Offering Free Internet Use For Chat Services Like WhatsApp With No Data Limit

You know sometimes when you’re way up above the sky in a plane, and get this random urge to text your friend? But, then soon realise you have no way to do so? Well, Swiss Airline is here to change that. The airline is starting a free internet service on board for popular chat services, for passengers to avail. Here’s what you can expect. 

Swiss Airline To Start Free Internet For Chat Services On Board

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Starting from August 2, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will implement free internet use for chat services like WhatsApp on all its long-haul flights, covering all cabin classes.

The Lufthansa-owned airline announced that passengers using chat services on their flights will have unrestricted data usage. And granted access to “all the most popular chat and messenger services,” such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, reported Business Travel News Europe. 

But, there’s a catch. Passengers who wish to browse the internet and use email or social media can select from two optional payment packages. The packages start from CHF 25 (€26). However, those travelling in first class and HON Circle Members will receive unlimited internet.  And also access throughout their flight at no additional charge.

Travellers can access the internet during their flight to browse, send and receive emails, or visit social media platforms. This can be done by choosing from two supplementary internet packages. 

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What Can You Expect From The Offer?

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The first is ‘Wi-Fi 4 Hours’ which offers four hours of access for CHF 25, while ‘Wi-Fi Premium’ for CHF 35 provides access throughout the entire flight, reported Breaking Travel News. But video streaming services like Youtube and Netflix will be deactivated also stated the reports. 

This is to ensure that enough bandwidth is simultaneously available for as many passengers as possible. Videos on social media platforms will be playable. And also, the airline will provide passengers with audio streaming, VPN services and cloud services. 

As per the reports, travellers can also access the digital SWISS magazine present on board on their personal devices at any time. This doesn’t require any activated internet access. 

Moreover, passengers can pre-register for the ‘Travel ID’ and ‘Miles & More’ offers to access the new internet service. This could help passengers be prepared in advance for their long flights and not worry about internet connectivity while on their journey. 

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Internet connectivity is probably the great technological advancement that we humans enjoy. And to be able to enjoy this while flying thousands of miles is definitely an added bonus.

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (Representative Image)