Take A Virtual Tour Of Brazil’s Museu do Café, A Coffee Lovers Paradise, Sitting Right At Home

by Mallika Khurana
Take A Virtual Tour Of Brazil’s Museu do Café, A Coffee Lovers Paradise, Sitting Right At Home

Are you looking for a world where you can explore the rich, aromatic heritage of coffee, all from the comfort of your own home? On World Tourism Day, as wanderlust beckons, we offer you an adventure—one that transcends borders, customs lines, and jet lag. Welcome to a virtual odyssey, a portal to the enchanting Coffee Museum in São Paulo, Brazil, where every sip of knowledge and every morsel of history is just a click away! The Museu do Café, located in the historic city of Santos, São Paulo, has a fascinating history that reflects the importance of coffee in Brazil.

The History Of Brazil’s Coffee Museum

coffee museum
Photo Credits: Museu do Café/Website

The museum’s journey began in April 1986, when the São Paulo State government took steps to dissolve the Bolsa Oficial de Café, an institution that had been inactive since the 1960s. This move shifted responsibility for the building, its furniture, and its workers to the Department of Finance. However, this marked the start of a period of neglect for the building. Over the years, the historic building fell into disrepair, with the threat of the tower collapsing in 1996.

Thankfully, a committee was formed to assess the situation, revealing that extensive restoration work was needed to save the entire building. In response, in May 1996, the government established a workgroup that included public bodies and private companies to explore the possibility of creating a coffee museum within the Bolsa Oficial de Café building.

The restoration work began in 1997, with architect Samuel Kruschin leading the project. On March 12th of the following year, the Associação dos Amigos do Museu do Café Brasileiro was established. Initially, the museum offered visits to a room called the Auction Room and hosted temporary exhibitions and events. Later, the Museum Coffee Shop also opened in 2000, offering visitors a chance to taste different Brazilian coffee varieties.

In 2005, a long-term exhibition titled “A trajetória do café no Brasil” was launched. In 2008, the association qualified as a Social Culture Organization, establishing an agreement with the State Secretariat of Culture in São Paulo. This transformation allowed the Museu do Café to expand its activities. It finally became a reference among museums in the state and Brazil.

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Explore Museu do Café Right From Your Home

virtual Tour
Photo Credits: Museu do Café/Website

Over a span of decades, various elements of this amazing museum came together to provide coffee lovers with a haven. It finally turned into a place where the history and aroma of coffee come to life. The Museu do Café not only showcases the rich history of coffee in Brazil but also stands as a testament to the power of preservation and cultural revitalization.

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Today, the museum offers a diverse range of experiences, including a coffee shop, a research and reference centre (CPPR), barista courses, workshops, and a store with coffee-themed souvenirs. The Auction Room within the museum is also a fascinating space. It was once the heart of the Bolsa Oficial de Café, where coffee negotiations were mediated by correctors. 

So, why pine for far-flung destinations when you can embark on an immersive journey to the Coffee Museum? Take the virtual tour right away!

Cover Image Courtesy: Museu do Café/Website