Tejasswi Prakash Relishes These Delicious Dishes In Goa With Beau Karan Kundra

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Tejasswi Prakash Relishes These Delicious Dishes In Goa With Beau Karan Kundra

Tejasswi Prakash who won Bigg Boss 15 and now stars in Naagin 6 has been in the limelight for both the shows. The actress is currently vacationing in Goa with her boyfriend actor Karan Kundra. The couple have always been in the news for their cute and adorable relationship. Their Instagram posts make it evident that the two are having a blast in Goa. They are also relishing some delicious Goan food and here are the dishes you too must try. 

Here are some of the snaps that she shared on her Instagram featuring dishes she tried and also the cafes and restaurants. She visited Jamun in Goa and relished some authentic dishes.

The couple also visited Mojigao and tried some new Goan dishes as well.

Well Tesjasswi Prakash and her beau Karan Kundra surely had a great time trying Goan dishes. Well here are some of the Goan dishes we feel you all must try.

1. Calamari Fish Fritters

Calamari fish fritters are super simple, delicious and super quick fritters. These fritters taste superb with tomato sauce and chili mayo. They are basically squid rings that are coated in flour batter and deep fried. It tastes even better when fried in peanut oil or vegetable oil. The dish is very easy to make and tastes really good. 

2. Lobster Malay Curry

Lobster malay curry is a yummy dish simmered in coconut milk. Having seafood is incomplete without including this dish into the platter. The dish tastes heavenly with steamed white rice. The richness of coconut milk and the flavour of lobster blend and bring a burst of flavours in your mouth. 

3. Lahori Tawa Tali Machchli

Lahori Tawa Tali Machchli is a dry fish preparation which is an absolute favourite of people who love fish. Fish fillets are coated in a batter prepared out of eggs, cornflour and spices and are fried. The taste of the fish is enhanced because of the crispiness added to it. You can serve such dishes with sauce. 


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4. Goan Crab Curry

If you are willing to try Goan seafood, make sure you do not miss on the famous Crab curry. The dish does take a little time to prepare but tastes amazing. The curry has coconut, tomato and onion based and is a spicy preparation. The curry tastes the best with rice and roti. 

5. Prawn Tikka Masala

Prawn lovers are surely going to love Prawn Tikka Masala. The curry is filled with spiced flavours and tastes the best with naan or even steamed rice. The dish is something you will always find in a seafood lover’s list. The dish is simple to prepare and you can surely try cooking it at home. 

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Go Ahead and either try making it yourself or savour it at a restaurant in Goa. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Tejasswi Prakash