Need A Doctor? 5 Telemedicine Facilities In India You Can Turn To For Online Consultation Now

by Sanjana Shenoy
Need A Doctor? 5 Telemedicine Facilities In India You Can Turn To For Online Consultation Now

Suffering from mild rashes or a headache but hesitating to visit the hospital? Amid the dreaded covid second wave, many people might find it safer to opt for online consultations with doctors. They are truly a blessing. With hospitals and healthcare staff, stretched thin caring for Covid patients, it might also be difficult for you to get utmost care and attention. So, here are 5 telemedicine facilities in India which you can turn to for online consultation. They are currently cheaper and a quicker way to connect with doctors from the comfort of your home.

1. Practo

If you suffer from cold, flu and you’re fearing it could be Covid, then lay aside your doubts. You can just use the Practo App to have a video consultation with a doctor. Practo aims to help patients who are in dire need of medical assistance but are stuck at home amid the ongoing curfews. Apart from consulting doctors online, Practo also helps you take lab tests and health check ups, order medicines online and even have veterinary video consultations. In 2020, the app had launched a program called ‘India Health Hour’, where doctors went live every day from 5 pm to 6 pm to help patients across the country.

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BigOHealth was launched as an online doctor consultation portal, in 2018. Earlier it was operational in just a few districts of North India. But today, it has been getting calls from all across the country for consultation, especially from rural areas. The primary language of this app is Hindi, which makes it easier for people in rural areas to navigate. Receiving around 100 to 200 calls daily, BigOHealth has successfully treated over 12,500 patients till February 2021. A marketing team helps patients to reach hospitals and doctors by demonstrating the app to them. BigOHealth focuses on helping as many patients as possible before it’s too late.


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3. Apollo 247

With Apollo 247, you can have access to general physicians, obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics through online consultations. Consultations start from ₹300 onwards and include a free follow up via text. The tests start from ₹100 onwards. Apollo 247 also has an online pharmacy that delivers medicines at your doorstep. In this way, you can get your health checked and your queries answered within the safety net and convenience of your home.


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4. Tata Health

Tata Health platforms offer patients chat consultations with a general medicine professional 24×7 for just ₹100. You can also consult specialists from 9 a to 9 pm starting from ₹300. Online consultation and follow-ups start from ₹300. Get comprehensive checkups where technicians will visit you. Download the app or visit the website to book appointments with doctors online. Instead of relying on social media forwards, consult trusted doctors.


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5. eSanjeeviniOPD

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India launched eSanjeeviniOPD in April 2020. This platform offers free consultations, but there is a waiting period. First, you must get your mobile number verified. After which, you can generate a token, log in and wait your turn. On completion of the video consultation, just down the e-prescription.

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So, these are some of the telemedicine facilities in India that you can turn to for online consultations. They are convenient, reasonably priced and a quicker away to solve your queries and get timely medical assistance in a safe manner.