Thai Hospital Serves Food With Cannabis Like Sandwich With Marijuana Leaf

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1853

How would you like to sink your teeth into “Giggling Bread” or munch on the “Joyfully Dancing Salad”? Well, the reason these dishes have such happy names is primarily due to cannabis playing an important ingredient in these Thai dishes. A hospital restaurant in Thailand now serves cannabis-infused dishes to its eager customers. From cannabis shoots, weed sandwiches to deep-fried marijuana leaves, happy customers get happy food here. Read on to know more.

Thai Hospital Redefines Happy Menus With Happy Cannabis Leaves In Food

Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalise medical marijuana in 2018. Since then, the country has been eager to capitalise on this multibillion-dollar industry. A restaurant at the Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital has started serving happy meals this month. After Thailand, de-listed marijuana as a narcotic and state authorised firms received permission to cultivate the plant, it’s happier times for the country.

Picture Credits: Agence France Presse/Lillian Suwanrumpha)

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This Thai hospital restaurant rolled out a weed inspired menu. Where cannabis shoots and leaves are sprinkled in salads, soups and even sandwiches. Pakakrong Kwankao, the project leader at the hospital stated to news agencies, “Cannabis leaves when put in the food or even a small amount … it will help the patient to recover faster from the illness. “The cannabis leaf can improve appetite and make people sleep well, and also be in a mood, in a good mood.” She also added to AFP that putting cannabis leaves in food is part of Thai culture.

Picture Credits: Reuters/Jorge Silva

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Fried Marijuana Leaves & Sprinkled Cannabis In Soups Satisfy Cravings In Thai Hospital

The restaurant’s bustling kitchen fries marijuana leaves till it’s golden and crispy like fritters. Another preparation involves sprinkling marijuana leaves in a wok of minced meat with a chill. The cannabis leaf is prepared with a little bit of bitterness to enhance the flavours of the dishes. In the future, the cannabis-inspired menu will add more dishes to suit the western palate. Meanwhile, apart from trying out the weed inspired menu of this hospital, watch this video to know other things you must do, when in Thailand. 

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