Thane Police Perform Aarti To Shame People Stepping Out For Morning Walks

by Gizel Menezes
Thane Police Perform Aarti To Shame People Stepping Out For Morning Walks

Despite multiple instructions given by authorities and police personnel to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown, some people simply don’t seem to get the point and continue to behave as nothing has changed.

‘Covidiots’ like these have forced police personnel across the country to come up with unique ways to educate and punish these offenders.

Thane Police Embarrass Lockdown Violators By Performing ‘Aarti’

In the latest instance, cops in Maharashtra’s Thane have found a rather effective method to shame people flouting COVID-19 lockdown rules. On Tuesday, the police performed ”aarti” of those who were out on the streets for a morning walk.

In a video of the ”aarti” shared by news agency ANI, a group of people are seen standing along with some police officials. While the woman police officer, wearing a protective face mask, performs ”aarti” of the lockdown violators, the other police officer can be seen singing the devotional aarti hymn. The police officer also explains the consequences of moving outdoors to these violators.

The video has gone viral on the Internet, with several Twitter users commenting in support of the unique step by the Thane police.

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Police Personnel Need To Be Lauded For Their Efforts

Previously, in Maharashtra’s Pune, lockdown violators were made to do sit-ups by the Pune Police on Sinhgad Road.

Along with doctors and other medical personnel, our khaki-clad men are also on the frontlines of this COVID-19 pandemic, restricting its spread and enforcing strict lockdown rules. They should be lauded for their out-of-the-box thinking to teach people the importance of staying at home during these stressful times.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra continues to be the worst-affected state in the country. The total number of coronavirus cases in the state currently stands at 5,218 along with 251 fatalities, as per the Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare.

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