The Clock Is Ticking On Humanity. Doomsday Clock Has Been Set 90 Seconds To Midnight

by Shreya Ghosh
The Clock Is Ticking On Humanity. Doomsday Clock Has Been Set 90 Seconds To Midnight

Climate change and its consequences are real and we see that every day. And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is making it even worse. In between all these, the “Doomsday Clock” moved its time to 90 seconds to midnight on Tuesday. Atomic scientists have adjusted the clock by 90 seconds short of midnight and it is the closest to midnight than ever set. This is referring to climate change and the warning of diseases.

Doomsday Clock Is Revised Amid Climate Change & Russia-Ukraine War

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Scientists are talking about the threats of risks to be faced by the existence of humanity and how the threat is more than ever seen before. The biggest reason behind this is the gruesome ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Humanity has a huge threat of destruction from climate change, diseases, and nuclear war and all these are getting more influenced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Chicago-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the creator of this clock. This is a representation of how humanity and its existence is coming closer to the destruction and end of the world. It also shows the risk and threats of any climate change, diseases, or catastrophic nuclear war. The time was set 90 seconds to midnight recently. In 2023, it is now 10 seconds close to midnight than it was in the last three years, increasing the warning of any global catastrophe.

Before 2023, the last time it was set was back in January 2020. At that moment, it was 100 seconds short of midnight. To adjust and set the revised clock, the panel of atomic scientists needs to take a lot of factors into consideration.

What More Does This Clock Describe?

The closer the time is set to midnight, the more the chances and risk of any global catastrophe. The midnight symbol on the doomsday clock symbolises obliteration, destruction and end.

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The atomic scientists study the present time and based on the happenings and situations, they adjust the hands of the clock closer or further from midnight. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is a major concern, leading to the clock moving 90 seconds to midnight.

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