The Garbage Cafe In Dwarka Is Giving You FREE Meals In Exchange For 250Gms Of Plastic Waste

by Kanika Sharma
The Garbage Cafe In Dwarka Is Giving You FREE Meals In Exchange For 250Gms Of Plastic Waste

Various measures have been taken in Delhi NCR to make sure that plastic waste and use of plastic is reduced in the city. Taking another step in that direction, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has come up with a plan where plastic can be exchanged for meals. And if you thought that its implementation will take time, well then, get ready to be surprised because the Garbage Cafe in Dwarka is doing it already!

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What Is It?

The Garbage Cafe is a food court located in Dwarka’s Vardhaman Mall. According to the scheme, the locals in the area can exchange plastic for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Currently is has been implemented in the Najafgarh area in collaboration with Vardhaman Mall authorities, and is expected to be extremely beneficial. The scheme has been launched as part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, with an aim to make the Delhi NCR region a plastic-free zone.

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The locals can exchange upto 250gms of plastic for meals. Initially, for lunch and dinner the people were required to get 1kg, but in order to promote it further, they reduced the minimum weight of plastic required as it was getting difficult for them to carry the heavy load.

What’s More?

If you end up carrying more than 250gms of plastic, for example, 1kg or 2kg, or even more, they will compensate you accordingly. And if you end up going with your family, then they will give you the option to choose as well.

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The SDMC have already made the news once for taking some interesting initiatives with respect to getting rid of plastic waste in the area. The biggest one being, Waste To Wonders Park, that features structures from around the world, which have been made from scrap and waste materials.

However, this is not the first cafe in the country to implement this interesting scheme. In October 2019, a similar cafe was opened in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh to make an attempt towards creating a plastic free zone.