The Gig Night Starts Again With Music, Campfires And Furry Friends At Damdama Lake For The Perfect Delhi Getaway!

by Vidisha Khaitan

The Gig Night is here to add music to your weekends. This is no ordinary weekend plan. This is an overnight camping scene at Damdama Lake! Say goodbye to monotonous weekends because our favourite season is here and along with it come the best events Delhi sees all year. These dreamy nights start in November and last till February. Start planning your weekends because we are breaking the news to thousands of people, and everybody’s stepping on it. Campfire, tents, artists and friendly faces – doesn’t that sound like the perfect evening to spice up your winter?

What is it

The Gig Night is a night of music and friendship. Artists who have rocked these nights before are Kern Dalton, Saby Singh, Angad Karati, Ilina Gandhi, Anisha Uppal, Krishna Vinod, Prakriti Nanda, Amartya Ghosh, the list goes on. Their music has proved to be perfect for crowds before and the 4th edition of this successful event is going to be no different. The location is what makes this event one of a kind. A real camp feel next to the lake is something we never thought Delhi could deliver. No need to head to Rishikesh anymore! If you love camping, the dome tent at Longbeach Resort in Ras Al Khaimah is an amazing experience too!

the gig night

Image Credit: The Gig Night official

What’s more

You can bring your furry friends! Just be sure to bring their food along with you too. Your booking at The Gig Night includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinner and breakfast. That’s not all in the food department: when there’s campfire, there’s barbeque! Cuddling during the movie screening with new friends and old baes (or new baes) is encouraged. The bonfire will last all night to keep you warm in the wild. The dark starry sky, chilly breeze and warm smiles is just the getaway we deserve. Indulge in one day getaways from Delhi is you live for weekends because Dil Chahta Hai.

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Image Credit: The Gig Night official

The tents at The Gig Night will be on sharable basis. There are to categories, Dome and Swiss. Price ranges from ₹2,200 to ₹3,000. Pet charges will be ₹200 and kids under 5 years of age can come free of cost, unless they require an extra bed. This event is pet friendly, children friendly, just friendly. People from all walks of life visit this place and once you go, you can’t resist the fun. Why spend a regular night in the city when you can go to Damdama for camping with artists and dogs! Get clicking if you haven’t already!

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