The Gorgeous Ring Road Of Iceland Lets You Drive Through Lava Fields And Majestic Ice Caps

by Suchismita Pal
The Gorgeous Ring Road Of Iceland Lets You Drive Through Lava Fields And Majestic Ice Caps

If there’s something called the road trip of a lifetime, it will definitely be on the Ring Road in Iceland. Iceland’s main motorway, the Ring Road or Road 1, with its magnificent views is nothing short of a paradise. Think gushing waterfalls, magical glaciers, snow-capped mountains, surreal landscapes, splendid hot springs, lava fields or pretty hilly villages, a tour through the Ring Road will make you witness it all.

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A Summer Road Trip Through The Marvellous Ring Road Under The Shadow Of The Midnight Sun

The 1332 kilometres long Icelandic motorway goes almost all around the snowy nation, connecting its inhibited and interior parts too. Usually, it takes around 24 hours to cover the whole of Ring Road at one go, but travellers often make stops and explore the stretch for one to two weeks, immersing completely into the charm of the natural wonders that fall on the way.

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People love to take the Ring Road trip in summer when the crimson hue of the midnight sun envelopes the entire country. Or imagine the aura of the snow-covered roads under the northern lights. One might embark on the journey on the winter season as well.

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Some travellers also halt at the campgrounds along the road, many of which are fully equipped with washing machines, hot showers and cooking facilities.

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Noteworthy Attractions That Fall Along The Way

The Ring Road in Iceland is one of the most picturesque roads in the world, with profoundly breathtaking views all around. Some noteworthy attractions of Iceland that come along the way are Dyrhólaey cliffs, Jökulsárlón glacier, Seljalandsfoss falls and Skógafoss falls.

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The gorgeous Diamond beach, which is known to change colours at every part of the day, is also easily accessible from the road.

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Though most of the road is well-constructed, some parts of the route are cragged and might impose challenges, especially in winter. These include some narrow passageways, single-lane bridges and blind crests, mostly in the rural areas, like the fjords in East Iceland.

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Also, traversing the road tunnels in the mountains like Hvalfjörður Tunnel,  the Fáskrúðsfjarðargöng Tunnel and the Almannaskarð Tunnel can be quite risky in the colder months. But with the right precautions taken, crossing these paths can be a true adventure. After all, ahead of fear, there’s victory.

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So, all those who’ve got a wanderlust soul, you must take a road trip along the mesmerizing Ring Road at least once to pamper the traveller in you to the fullest. It is going to be one of the most stunning episodes of your life, that you will cherish forever. Meanwhile, here’s a 10-year old kid who has completed the world’s most dangerous trek: