The ‘Hill Escapade’ That You’re Looking For Is Right Here In Karighatta Around Bengaluru

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
The ‘Hill Escapade’ That You’re Looking For Is Right Here In Karighatta Around Bengaluru

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Trek in the most beautiful hillock called Karighatta, situated just outside the historical township of Srirangapatna.

What Is It?

It’s a trekking spot which is relatively unknown to a lot of people and has beautiful scenic views from the top. The name Karighatta translates to ‘Elephant hill’ in Kannada. Offering picturesque views and beautiful landscapes of the faraway land to take in, it is a must-visit.

The hill stands at a height of about 2,697 feet above sea level and is surrounded by dry scrubland including a lot of tamarind trees in the region for a perfect hangout place to relax under.

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What’s In It?

You could trek to the Hindu temple situated on this hill which is the most peaceful and calm spot to meditate. It is devoted to the Vishnu God called ‘Karigrivasa’.

The sunset here is a moment to capture. You can spot a tributary of Cauvery river flowing by, which is ideal for a picnic spot, sit by the riverside and take out your bread basket and imagine the sounds of the water gushing by slowly.

A lot of hairpin bends lead up to the hilltop and on the way, you’ll get to see views worth capturing from every angle. You could do bike trip here or go hiking all the way up.

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Where is itKarighatta, Kallikoppalu, Karnataka
How to reach: Karighatta is situated 24 km from Mysore and 125 km from Bangalore, you could get there by road via cab or public transportation.


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