The Internet Is Having An ‘Aww!!’ Moment At This Heart-Warming Gift Received By The Doctor.

by Shreya Rathod
The Internet Is Having An ‘Aww!!’ Moment At This Heart-Warming Gift Received By The Doctor.

Besides immediate relatives, our relationship with doctors is the most important one. They are the ones who guide and educate us about our health and fitness. Moreover, they know everything about our special conditions and diet. A doctor is responsible for a patient’s well-being. And such an important person should be shown love and respect! Isn’t it? Recently, a Twitter user, a doctor, shared a picture of a heartwarming gift received from his patient.

Doctor Receives A Heart-Warming Present

Dr P Kamath is an interventional cardiologist at the KMC Hospital Mangalore. He is a professor and head of the cardiology department as well. He recently tweeted about a gift that one of his patients gifted him on the occasion of Ugadi. It was a jar of dry fruits! Nothing special, right? Well, the caption by Dr Kamath is what will melt your heart.

He wrote that one of his patients has been coming to him for more than a decade and she is a helper in a bank. And because he knew about her salary, he never charged any consultation fees. But that day, she gifted him a jar of dry fruits and extended her Ugadi wishes. She stated that it was her last day of work and that she was grateful for his help. That day, she didn’t visit him as a patient.

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Melted Our Hearts!

Netizens are having their ‘awww’ moment with this beautiful presentation of kindness and love. Beyond our professional lives, there is a relationship of love, kindness and humanity that we all share. Protecting and cherishing this relationship is crucial. As for the Twitter comments, they are filled with heart emojis.

One of the users wrote: “It was a nice gesture to give your doctor something. But my doctor gives me consultations during emergencies over the phone despite knowing my salary and never charges for that. The only problem is that he doesn’t use Twitter, so he doesn’t know that I am applauding him.” Another user wrote that this was one of the few endangered species of doctors and others have mastered the subject of ‘how to grab more money from patients’.

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So, what are you giving your doctor as a token of love and appreciation?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Dr P Kamath/ Twitter