The Queen Has Been Replaced On AUS $5 Note! Here’s What The Aussie Note Will Be Now Have

by Shreya Rathod
The Queen Has Been Replaced On AUS $5 Note! Here’s What The Aussie Note Will Be Now Have

If you trace the world’s history, the small kingdom of Britain was the most powerful coloniser. With a majority of the world’s population under its rule, Britain carried out slave trades, established cash crop plantations and amassed huge amounts of wealth. And left these colonised countries to battle hunger, poverty and other concerning issues. Today, the modern British monarchy is still intact in the form of the ‘Commonwealth’. However, countries around the world are now coming out of their colonial era. One of the examples is the replacement of the British monarchy on AUS $5. But what is it going to be replaced with?

No Image Of Queen On AUS $5

Aus $5
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The Australian government has finally decided to leave its colonial past behind and recognise the indigenous people of the country. After the death of the late Queen Elizabeth, there was a debate about the future of the British monarchy in the Australian parliament. This decision was backed by a majority of the voters. The Reserve Bank of Australia issued a statement confirming this, further mentioning that the other side of the banknotes will have an image of the Australian parliament.

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According to the Australian authorities, after the death of the Queen, her image will be replaced by an Australian figure on AUS $5 banknote.

Indigenous Roots Of Australia

Australia has its indigenous roots rooted deep inside its soil. The Reserve Bank Of Australia will consult the indigenous groups and then finalise the design of the new notes. Till then, current notes will continue to be used. For most Australian citizens, this is a massive victory.

Apart from this, in 2021, the government officially removed the reference to the country being ‘young and free’ from its national anthem. The country is making efforts to recognise its First Citizens and making official changes.

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