The Spot Concerts: Greater Than Gin Presents 2 Days Of Musical Bliss In New Delhi!

Over two days, experience the fusion of Indo-fusion and Live Electronica acts at The Piano Man, New Delhi.

by Mallika Khurana
The Spot Concerts: Greater Than Gin Presents 2 Days Of Musical Bliss In New Delhi!

In the heart of India’s vibrant capital, a sonic revolution is set to unfold. Greater Than Gin, the pioneer of India’s craft gin movement, is not just about elevating spirits; it’s about raising the bar for local artistry. Enter “The Spot Concerts,” an auditory extravaganza meticulously crafted under the aegis of the #ListenGreater Initiative.

The Spot Concerts Promise A Musical Revolution


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Over two spellbinding days, The Piano Man at Eldeco Centre, New Delhi, will be the stage for a musical symphony. It promises to rewrite the narrative of the country’s underground music scene. This collaboration between Greater Than Gin and The Piano Man is more than a partnership. In fact, it’s a rendezvous between the avant-garde and the acoustically enlightened. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

Day 1 calls in a cascade of Indo-fusion rhythms that echo the soul of India. Bawari Basanti, the unconventional storyteller, will weave classical folk into experimental realms. She will set the stage for a musical odyssey. Following her act, INGA’s quintet will serenade the audience with a fusion of folk, pop, and jazz. The crescendo, courtesy of The Revisit Project, will deliver a fusion of swanky old-school funk and groovy rhythmic jazz.

Next, Day 2 will unleash the electric pulse of Live Electronica, a dystopic journey through time and sound. Dee En will kick off the evening, transporting the audience through dream pop and psychedelia from the 60s-80s. Alboe and Goya will follow, paving the way for Zenguin’s mind-bending finale, filled with futuristic riffs and lush sci-fi synth soundscapes from the 20s.

Vaishnavi Mannava, the maestro behind Greater Than Gin’s brand, declares, “We believe these amazing indie artists deserve The Spot on your playlists; here’s a concert to deliver them from ours to yours.” The sentiment reverberates, encapsulating the essence of #ListenGreater.

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The Piano Man And Greater Than Gin Join Forces For A Sonic Feast


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Complementing the sonic spectacle, Greater Than Gin curates exclusive menus for each day, mirroring the experimental, minimal, and bold ethos of the artists—akin to the character of their craft gin. Anand Virmani, co-founder and CEO of Nao Spirits, affirms, “Listen Greater is an extension of Greater Than Gin, a testament to the brand’s commitment to setting high standards for gin in India and championing local choices across various avenues.”

As the lights dim and the first note resonates, The Spot Concerts are poised to be more than a musical rendezvous. The stage is set, the gin is poured, and the melodies are ready to take flight. Welcome to a symphony that transcends the ordinary, where Greater Than Gin meets the greatness of local talent.

The Spot Concerts become a destination for the true connoisseurs of sound!

Where:  The Piano Man, New Delhi, Eldeco Centre
When: 27th, 7:30 pm – 12 am and 28th January, 6:30 pm – 11 pm
Cost: ₹999 onwards

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