The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

by Gizel Menezes
The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

Shimmering white sand, palm and coconut trees in plenty, coral blue waters and exotic marine life; just conjuring all these images in our head brings so much peace and calm, right? An island with its sea, sun, and sand is a beautiful option to escape to, isn’t it? While that seems impossible for quite some time, one can only engage in some planning. Here we take you around to the 10 most beautiful islands in the world, so you can use all that time on your hands wisely!

The World’s Most Beautiful Islands You Must See

These are the top 10 islands to add to your bucket list.

1. Palawan, Philippines

Known as the last frontier of the Philippines, Palawan is the country’s largest province and consists of about 1,769 islands. These islands are brimming with exotic wildlife, fishing villages, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Calauit Islands have some of the most endangered species of animals while the Coron Islands are known to be one of the best dive sites in the world. Visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River and taste the freshest seafood in the land at The El Nido Island. There is just so much more to do here!

Image Courtesy: Qantas

2. Bali, Indonesia

This Island of the Gods offers countless beaches and wonderful natural sites to visit and explore. Bali is world-renowned for its scenic rice terraces, fragrant cuisine, and a rich culture with arts like painting, music, dance, etc. The island is blessed with abundant flora and fauna and is surrounded by coral reefs, sandy beaches, and waterfalls. Visit the local markets or go to the silent yoga retreats – there is something for everybody here.

Image Courtesy: Agoda

3. Milos, Greece

The variety of gorgeous landscapes one can see in Milos is primarily due to the volcanic activity in ancient years. Spectacular caves and a multitude of thermal springs welcome you at Milos. Diving enthusiasts will find a paradise in the underwater caves in the triangle formed by Mílos, Kimolos and Polýegos islands. The turquoise waters at Kléftiko and white sharp rocks cutting deep into a sheer cliff at Sarakíniko are sure to take your breath away. Add to this the unique lunar landscapes, the rocky secluded caves, the mysterious catacombs, and the sleeping volcanoes. Milos has an unending list of non-exhaustive beauty.

Image Courtesy: Athens at a Glance

4. Maldives

A nation of islands in the Indian Ocean that span across the equator, Maldives comprises of 1192 islands. These islands are home to about five percent of the earth’s reefs, which are again home to a thousand species of fish. Lured by the rich nutrients that flow in with the currents, large pelagic fishes such as manta rays and whale sharks also make the Maldives their home. With a unique culture and a host of traditions, the Maldivian people are the most welcoming. A sensory treat, the Madives are a must-visit.

Image Courtesy: Agoda

5. Anguilla

Tucked away in the Eastern Caribbean, the Island of Anguilla is inviting and beautiful. Considered by many to be one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, Anguilla beguiles all sorts of travelers. With its 33 powder-white beaches, turquoise waters and a mouth-watering culinary scene, the Islands of Anguilla await you.

Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

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6. Crete, Greece

Crete is the largest island in Greece, and the fifth-largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can revisit the remnants of brilliant civilizations, explore glorious beaches and mountainscapes and step into fertile valleys and steep gorges. The island’s rich gastronomic culture will surprise you.

Image Courtesy: Travel Channel

7. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

One of Canada’s best treasures, Cape Breton Island is at the eastern end of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Filled with spectacular views, here you can tour the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck and even descend into an underground coal mine with a retired miner at the Cape Breton Miners’ Museum. Fire a period cannon or musket at the Fortress of Louisbourg or hike through Cape Breton Highlands National Park, or even go sea kayaking. The rich heritage of this island will amaze you.

Image Courtesy: Cape Breton Island

8. Azores, Portugal

In the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores island is filled with beaches of warm white sand. São Miguel, the largest island in Azores, is alluring with its Sete Cidades and Fogo Lagoons. It is blessed with geysers, hot thermal waters and volcanic lakes. This one should make it to your bucket list.

Image Courtesy: Wilderness Travel

9. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

This Archipelago is a group of 19 islands, 13 large and 6 small, and dozens of islets and rocks. It is home to exotic flora and fauna such as giant cacti, finches, flightless cormorants, and the famed giant tortoise, whose average lifespan of 100 years makes it the longest living vertebrate on earth. The Galapagos are a marvel of geological activity, where the volcanic islands are relatively new. Go snorkeling, kayaking or scuba diving, the adventures are never-ending here.

Image courtesy: Galapagos Islands
10. Key West, Florida
As the southernmost point of the United States, the Key West islands are known more for their coral reefs as destinations for diving and snorkeling. Take in the island’s famous lighthouse or visit the daily Sunset Celebration on Mallory Square. Visit local art galleries and museums, feast on fresh seafood or just hang on a hammock suspended between two palms. Key West definitely takes you back to island time!
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