The World’s First Floating City To Be A Reality In 10 Years

by Sanjana Shenoy
The World’s First Floating City To Be A Reality In 10 Years

Have you ever imagined residing in a floating city? Well, if this concept seems too far fetched, then let’s remind you that the future is here. And the world’s first floating city will indeed be a reality in the next 10 years. Water-based societies will be developed to balance climate change, poor living conditions and combat overcrowding. A floating city will be built 1 km away from the land which will give people a reason to introspect what they eat or use in the society that they live in. The World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi was the first place where such an idea was discussed and participants aimed to deal with the upcoming challenges.

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What’s In It?

The topic of floating cities first came up in 2019 in the United Nations. Till date, the steps to be taken to shape to put this plan into action have been discussed. Reportedly a tried and tested prototype will be made with partners from the private sector involved in this.

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Floating cities will be established to accommodate thousands of residents. They will be built of platforms and will then be forged to the ocean floors. The best part is that such cities will be self-sustaining as they have the ability to generate power, grow food using sunlight, wind and waves. They can also recycle waste. When it comes to water, it can be procured using vapour distillation technologies and rainwater generation.

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What’s More?

The concept for the world’s first sustainable floating community is designed by the non-profit organization, Oceanix. Marc Collins Chen, the CEO of Oceanix stated that the firm is working with MIT’s Centre for Ocean Engineering to find out how these floating cities will survive natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis to name a few. The team is also trying to figure out how to make these floating cities affordable, otherwise, it would beat the purpose of making these cities sustainable.

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Another task at hand for Oceanix. is to find the right host city that understands the role of seas and oceans in the right manner in order to establish these structures. Well, the concept of floating cities has definitely piqued our interest. And we can’t wait to witness the world’s first floating city on its completion, as it is the need of the hour. Did you know Kerala Now Has The World’s First Marine Cemetery In Kozhikode?